ACSA Region 6 is recruiting protégés for the ACSA Mentoring Program, a free service for new administrators in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

ACSA mentoring is a unique and informal professional support service focused on the operational, technical and managerial aspects of an administrator’s job. It differs from leadership coaching which is more formal and focused on growth of an administrator’s leadership capacity.

ACSA mentoring is voluntary and collaborative, based on permission and trust, bound by ethics and confidentiality. It provides emotional and professional support through a trained ACSA mentor who listens, cares, and gives specific feedback ̶ a successful, experienced practitioner who has walked in the administrator’s shoes. It is non-judgmental and non-evaluative, with topics entirely determined by the protégé. Services are provided on- or off-site, in person, via telephone, text, or e-mail as determined by the protégé and mentor.

It is a valuable program for new administrators as well as experienced administrators who are in a new role. Here are comments from a couple of participants in the program:

“ASCA is a wonderful support system where an experienced administrator supports the new administrator. Love it!”

“You’ll be matched with someone who really cares about your success!”

Protégé Application [link to application] Mentor Application [link to application]

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in being matched with a mentor, please contact our region’s program coordinator. More specific information within the easy application process will be emailed. There is no cost and new administrators, whether ACSA members or not, can apply anytime.

Julie Braun-Martin, Region 6 Mentoring Program Coordinator
(925) 389-8360

Link to State ACSA website regarding the Mentoring Program