Annual Goals 

(approved by R6 Executive Committee October 7, 2022)

Region 6 Focus Areas:  Membership and Communication


Objective: Provide engaging, career-long leadership development opportunities for all members.

By 2023:

  1. A strategy has been developed to identify and support personal and professional leadership development along a career pathway – from pre-certification through retirement.
  2. Implementation of supports at each career stage is underway.
  3. A system is in place that leverages the collective expertise of members to support development of leadership in others.
  • Enlist superintendents in the region to be key collaborators in membership recruitment including conversations of supporting membership dues
  • Create affinity groups for co-administrators and classified leaders
  • Select alternate region leadership positions (Board of Directors)
  • Offer a mentor (formal or informal) to each new member
  • Share personal stories in newsletters
  • Offer monetary incentives or complimentary registration
  • Reach out to new administrators and credential students
  • Survey non-members on their reasons of not being members


Objective:  Improve member access to convenient, ongoing development opportunities that reflect the latest trends in professional learning.

By 2023:

  1. Members are recognized when they gain new competencies and reach new professional development milestones.
  • Continue virtual workshops
  • Collaborate with partners/sponsors
  • Offer workshops that support members’ personal needs (e.g. retirement, insurance)
  • Recognize Academy graduates, advance degrees, other awards
  • Partner or co-sponsor with other administrators groups (e.g. CASBO, CAAASA, CALSA)
  • Open PD’s to non-members


Objective:  Raise member awareness of ACSA benefits, services and initiatives, and the overall value of ACSA membership and engagement.

By 2023:

II.A more comprehensive member database is being developed to better target member interests and preferences for communication.

  • Welcome (Onboard) each new member by Vice President of Membership and Ambassador (notes, phone calls, visits, etc.)
  • Highlight more about ACSA legislative actions and focus on equity in newsletters
  • Send one monthly communication specifically through superintendents for sharing
  • Feature an administrator a month that includes their reasons for joining ACSA (through Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Increase public visibility (e.g. public comments at Board meetings, media releases)
  • Provide printed copies of talking points about ACSA benefits, shared through charters and districts

R6 Strategic Goals 2022-23 app 10.7.22