Annual Strategic Goals 

(approved by R6 Executive Committee September 8, 2023

Region 6 Focus Areas


  1. Increase and expand social media presence to include Instagram, LinkedIn, and Threads
  2. Increase outreach to non-members through communication
  3. Focus on district/charter events and highlight their value and scope


  1. Provide member access to convenient, short, ongoing, and differentiated professional development opportunities focused on equity and diversity, best practices for equity, changes in legislation/Ed Code, and SEL for adults.


  1. Provide more frequent communication regarding governmental relations activities, suggested ideas to connect with local leaders, opportunities to participate and advocate, etc.
  2. Provide legal updates on new legislation including educational information on legislative process and how to advocate at different points in the process.
  3. Highlight ACSA legislative actions and focus on equity


  1. Expand Scope of Recruitment – Continue with the “What ACSA can do for you” campaign
  2. Gather and analyze district level data on supporting administrators to be members of ACSA
  3. Develop a coherent Region communication plan addressing membership

R6 Strategic Goals Approved 9.8.23