Dear Colleagues of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties:

We would like to welcome you to the new school year. I am the ACSA Region 6 president for the 2020-21 school year, so I hope I get the opportunity to meet each of you soon (virtually or otherwise) to hear about how ACSA can support you and your school communities in the coming year.
Our job as school leaders has never been more difficult. We are currently tasked with navigating situations and circumstances that we likely never believed we would experience in our roles in education. Every day, we face issues and make choices that will affect students and staff immediately, and none of these issues and choices are easy.
Please know that ACSA Region 6 is here to help you in supporting your communities and strengthening your leadership through professional development and collaboration with fellow school administrators in the East Bay Area today and throughout the year. We look forward to working with you in 2020-21!
Jacob Berg
ACSA Region 6 President



Region 6 Past Presidents

2019-20 Pam VandeKamp
2018-19 Sonja Neely-Johnson
2017-18 Essence Phillips
2016-17 Steve Collins
2015-16 Janet Haun
2014-15 Rob Stockberger
2013-14 Linda Hutcherson
2012-13 Steven France
2011-12 Karen Sakata
2010-11 Teresa Kapellas
2009-10 Rose Lock
2008-09 Kale Alderson
2007-08 Marie McClaskey
2006-07 Belen Magers
2005-06 Jim Negri
2004-05 Evie Groch
2003-04 Joe Ovick
2002-03 Cyril Bonanno
2001-02 Peggy Green
2000-01 Cynthia Galbo