Retirement Executive Committee

Retirement Charter President

Dick Lloyd

Luanne Duggan, Region 6 Retirement Rep

Barbara Burg, Secretary

Susan Burleson, Treasurer

Evie Groch, Past President

Rose Lock, Region Consultant

Bob Giannini, Region Executive


Luncheons for Region 6 Retirees

We are excited about our three, planned luncheons! All Tuesdays, 10:30 am to 1:15 pm at Faz Restaurant (Sheraton Four Point Hotel in Pleasanton): October 17, February 13, and May 15.

Tentative Programs:

  • High School Speech & Debate Presenters (SEE Link … unbelievable talent and excellent speakers … they are awesome) Retired East Bay forensics teacher helped students find their voice through life
  • Cultivate Your Cultural Competence through a well-planned interactive program (“Our goal is to increase understanding and empathy for greater compassion in this world” – real conversations about ideas that matter.)
  • Hear What Public Schools Might Learn from Charter Schools (Understand the differences and what helps make schools successful)

For more information, contact us.


Report from State ACSA Retirement Committee

A: Purpose: The purpose of the Retirement Committee is to be the bold advocate protecting our retirement benefits.

B: Annual Goals:

  • Increase the One Time Death Benefit from CalSTRS from $6163 to include a COLA.
  • Increase the Supplemental Maintenance Benefit Account of 85% Benefit to 91%
  • Support the Brady Bill HR 711 dealing with Windfall Elimination Provision Provision from Social Security
  • ACSA Board Directors Approval to have Committee representation at every CalSTRS Board Meeting (Done)
  • Prior committee resolution to get retired ASCA member appointed to the CalSTRS Board (Done)
  • Continue to actively support ACSA Ambasador Program (Ongoing)
  • Propose an ACSA Society membership for members who note ACSA in their Wills/Trusts
  • Create a member use group on google or Yahoo to increase communication