By-Laws of the Association of California
School Administrators Region 6


Name, Principle Office, Purpose and Restrictions

1.01     The name of the Region is Association of
California School Administrators, Region VI (ACSA Region VI) a geographical division of the Association of California School Administrators (“State ACSA”) that includes: Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

1.02     Purpose. The purpose of Region VI is to promote within the Region the purposes of State ACSA as stated in the ACSA bylaws, with programs and activities similar to and consistent with those of ACSA.

1.03     Restrictions. All policies and activities of the Region shall be consistent with:

  1. State ACSA bylaws, policies and standing rules;
  2. applicable federal, state and local antitrust and trade regulations laws;
  3. applicable tax-exemption requirements; and
  4. all other legal requirements including the California Nonprofit Corporation Law under which State ACSA is incorporated and to which the Regions are subject.



2.01    Membership Qualifications. Membership in ACSA Region VI shall be limited to persons who are members of State ACSA in good standing.

2.02     Members Obligation to Follow Association Rules. Each member of this Region agrees to be bound by these bylaws and any amendments thereto, and by the lawful actions of the Board or voting members of the Region.



3.01     The Board shall assess dues, if appropriate.


Board of Directors

4.01    Board of Directors. The Board is the  governing body of the Region with their primary function to set policy.

4.02    Composition. The Board shall consist of the following: Region officers, State Director, committee chairs, charter presidents, and others designated by the Region. The terms of office of Region officers are defined under Article V, Section 5.03.

4.03    Meetings. The Board shall meet no less than three times per year.

4.04    Notice. The Board may hold regular meetings without notice if the time and place of such meetings is fixed by the Board. The Board may hold special meetings upon sufficient notice as set by the Board, provided reasonable attempts are made to notify each director. The Board may also meet without notice if each director signs a waiver to that effect.

4.05    Board Action. Every decision made by a majority of directors present at a meeting duly held at which a quorum is present is considered an act of the Board.  A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Executive Committee members and a minimum of 12 other members of the board.



5.01    Officers. The officers of the Region shall be: President, President-Elect, Vice-President for Program, Vice-president for Membership, Vice-President for Legislation, Vice-President for Staff Development, Comptroller, Treasurer, Secretary, immediate Past President, and State Director. In addition, four at-large members (three from Alameda County and one from Contra Costa County) shall be elected for a two year term and an additional two at-large representatives may be appointed for a two –year term by the Region President to achieve a more balanced representation in the best interests of the region. Current or prior Executive Committee members are not eligible for at-large membership. A Student member from CASC will be appointed to sit on our Board of Directors each year.

5.02    Qualifications.  With the exception of our CASC member , Officers must be regular members of State ACSA and be Region VI members and employed in the Region or retired.

5.03    Election and Term of Office. Officers shall be elected by the members annually.

Region officers are nominated prior to March 1 by a Nominating Committee of not less than five. At least two persons shall be nominated for each office whenever possible.

Elections are by mail ballot or electronic mail, not later than April 1.

Committee/Council chairperson appointments are made for three-year terms of office by the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors and/ or the Executive Committee.

Officers shall serve for a term of two (2) year beginning July 1 following the election, with the following exceptions: Vice-President for Membership, Comptroller, and Treasurer shall serve terms of three (3) years. The Vice-President for Legislation shall serve a term of three (3) years. The immediate Past President shall chair the Nominating Committee and select a committee of six (the Chair will be the seventh member) with the advice and approval of the Executive Committee of Region VI. The President-Elect shall serve ex officio. The Nomination Committee shall hold its initial meeting in November of each year. A new committee shall be appointed each year by the immediate Past President. To insure balance between the two counties in Region VI, each county shall have a minimum of two members on the committee and shall follow the affirmative action policy of the state. Nominees should be active members of ACSA. Nominations shall be solicited in writing from the Charter Presidents and Committee Chairs.

5.04     Duties. The officers shall perform those duties that are usual for their positions and that are assigned to them by the Board, including those duties that are set forth in the position descriptions for each officer as adopted by the Board from time to time. The Past President, President, President-Elect, Vice-President for Legislation, and Vice –President of Membership shall also serve as the Region’s delegates to the ACSA Delegate Assembly, plus one (1) at large delegate will be recruited and appointed by the Region President and approved by the Executive Committee, when possible.

The President shall preside over all meetings of the Region and the Board of Directors. He/she shall serve as one of the Regional Representatives to the ACSA Delegate Assembly during the term of office as President. He/she shall, unless otherwise provided for in the bylaws, appoint all committees subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, and shall perform all other duties, which customarily pertain to the office of President.

The President-Elect shall serve as an aide to the President; shall be responsible for the extension activities of the Region, e.g. committees, in- service training, professional growth; and shall serve as one of the Regional Representatives to the ACSA Delegate Assembly. In the absence of the President, the President-Elect shall assume the duties of the President. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the President-Elect shall succeed to the office of President and serve the unexpired term. The President-Elect shall serve as ex officio member of the Nominating Committee.

The Vice-President for Programs shall be responsible for facilitating the planning, developing, and implementing meetings of the membership of the Region, and the annual Awards Dinner.  This shall be a 2-year term.  He/She shall chair or appoint the chair of the Region Awards Committee.

The Vice-President for Membership shall be in charge of recruitment of members and shall serve as chair of the Membership Committee.

The Vice-President for Legislation shall coordinate a charter level legislative liaison program. He/ She shall also serve as the Region chair of the Legislative Action Committee

The Vice-President for Staff Development shall be responsible for facilitating the planning, developing, and implementing staff development activities of the Region, including the annual Region Conference.  He/She shall chair or appoint the chair of the Region conference.

The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the minutes of all the meetings of the Region and Board of Directors and shall be responsible for their preservation. He/she will perform all other duties as assigned.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for monitoring and maintaining the Region’s financial accounts, for completing all financial transaction, and for communicating with the Comptroller to ensure that records match.

The Comptroller shall be responsible for developing and monitoring the annual budget, reviewing and posting income and expense vouchers, maintaining the comptroller’s report, and for communicating with the Treasurer to ensure that records match.

The Immediate Past President shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors, and act as parliamentarian. The immediate Past President shall serve as chair of the Nominating Committee and member of Executive Committee.  When the immediate Past President is not available the Executive Committee shall select an alternate.

The Community Liaison shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors/Executive Committee. Responsibilities include: work with the local media and State ACSA media, and local business community, to get sponsorships for our activities.

5.05     Removal. An officer may be removed for adequate reason as determined by the Board.

5.06     Vacancies. A vacancy in any office except that of President shall be filled by appointment by the President with the approval of the Board until the vacancy can be filled at a regular annual election.


Selection of State ACSA Director

6.01     State ACSA Director. Pursuant to the state bylaws 5.03, the Region shall elect a State ACSA Director in the manner provided in these bylaws, a member in good standing of the Region.

6.02     Election and Terms of Office. The State ACSA Director shall be elected for a three-year term by the member (or by the Board), provided the term shall terminate whenever a Director becomes employed outside the Region.

6.03     Duties. The State ACSA Director shall perform those duties as are prescribed by the ACSA bylaws, standing rules and policies, as amended from time to time. The State ACSA Director shall communicate with the Region respecting all significant ACSA matters which are relevant to the Region.

6.04     Vacancy. In the event of a vacancy in the office of State Director, the Region Board may fill the vacancy.


Membership Meetings

7 .01     Annual Membership Meeting. The President or the Board may call a membership meeting on a reason- able notice to the members.


Committees, Auditors and General Counsel, Rules and Bonding

8.01    Committees.  The Board or the President may establish committees from time to time and may appoint members of such committees, provided that the President or Board designate in writing in reasonable detail the exact mission and authority of the committee and its duty to report to the Board at reasonable intervals.

The President is authorized to create an Executive Committee of the Region to handle monthly routine business. The Executive Committee will be made up of the Region President, President-elect, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Comptroller, Treasurer, Past President, and the State Director.
Standing committees may be authorized by the Board of Directors and may, where appropriate, be the counterparts of the State standing committees.

Standing committee members shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee and ratification by the board.  Standing committees shall be for a term of three (3) years unless otherwise noted.

The duties of the standing committees shall be prescribed by the Board of Directors in general terms allowing committees initiative and innovation as appropriate.

The chairperson of each Region standing committee shall serve as a member of the corresponding State Committee. It is understood that Regional Committee representatives must attend their State Committee meeting on a regular basis.  Missing more than two (2) state meetings in a year without cause may necessitate a replacement by the Executive Committee.

Special committees may be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors.

8.02     Rules.  The Board may establish rules that are consistent with these bylaws for the policies, procedures, and programs of the Region.


State ACSA Committees

9.01     Nominations. In cooperation with the Region President, the President’s of the Charters shall submit nominations to the Board for service on the State ACSA committees, with the exception of the Superintendents Committee, which is elected by their peers alternating by counties for every three-year term.

9.02     Term The term of service on State ACSA committees shall be three years unless otherwise provided in the State ACSA policies and standing rules.



10.01    Eligibility. Any local organization composed of active members from union high school districts, elementary school districts, unified school districts, county offices, ROCP’s (refer to State By Laws for charter structure) or any
combination are eligible to apply for a charter affiliation.

10.02    Charter Rebates: $10 per full member, $5 per   consolidated or retired member.


Amendment of Bylaws

11.01    Amendment. These bylaws may be amended by a three-fourths majority vote of the Board of Directors present at two successive meetings.



12.01     Interpretations. These bylaws are subject to and must be consistent with State ACSA bylaws and must be interpreted so as to conform with State ACSA bylaws, as they may be amended from time to time. The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure~ by Alice Sturgis, shall be the authority for parliamentary procedure.

First Reading March 11, 2016
Second Reading April 15, 2016
Final Reading June 10, 2016