President’s Message

Welcome to the ACSA Region 6 website, and to the 2017-18 school year. As your new Region 6 President for this year, I am thrilled and excited to embark upon the continued work for this region’s members. I will continue to work with our Executive, Bob Giannini, our Region Consultant, Rose Lock, Past President Steve Collins, President Elect Sonja Neely-Johnson, and the rest of the executive committee to serve our membership. I strongly believe in ACSA’s vision that “We serve educational leaders in the pursuit of equity and excellence to meet the diverse needs of all California students.”  Now more than ever we will strive to provide optimal professional development, on-time advocacy, networking opportunities and continued support to our membership. Time is of the Essence and we have a lot of work to do!

My goal this year is to increase membership, expand participation of current and future members within our 17 charters, and create new professional development opportunities for both Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. I look forward to being able to meet and collaborate with current and potential members of ACSA Region 6 and hear directly from you on ways we can continue to move the organization forward.

Thank you for visiting our website and I look forward to connecting with each of you.

Essence J. Phillips, ACSA Region 6 President

Essence Phillips VP Registration

Region 6 Past Presidents

2017-18 Essence Phillips
2016-17 Steve Collins
2015-16 Janet Haun
2014-15 Rob Stockberger
2013-14 Linda Hutcherson
2012-13 Steven France
2011-12 Karen Sakata
2010-11 Teresa Kapellas
2009-10 Rose Lock
2008-09 Kale Alderson
2007-08 Marie McClaskey
2006-07 Belen Magers
2005-06 Jim Negri
2004-05 Evie Groch
2003-04 Joe Ovick
2002-03 Cyril Bonanno
2001-02 Peggy Green
2000-01 Cynthia Galbo