Aspiring Administrator of the Year Award

To nominate a candidate for the Region 3 Aspiring Administrator of the Year Award, the following Region 3 2023-24 Nomination Form or a photocopy must be used to submit nominations. The form must be filled out completely to be considered for the award.

Criteria: A nominee for Aspiring Administrator of the Year must meet the Aspiring Administrator Definition as an educator (i.e. teacher or counselor) who aspires to be a school administrator as demonstrated by:
-leadership at their school site
-holds or is in pursuit of a preliminary administrative services credential.
-been an educator for more than three years.

Selections will be based on the degree to which a nominee meets the following criteria:
• Strong support for the school management team.
• Exceptional leadership in school programs.
• Commitment to educational quality and student achievement.
• Commitment to professional growth.
• Creativity and innovation in dealing with issues and problems facing public education

Submit nominations by January 18, 2024 as an email attachment or by regular mail to:

Emilie Simmons, Region 3 Consultant

4429 Glen Oak Court, Sacramento, CA 95821


Marissa Pascoa, Vice President Programs

Nomination Form: AA Nomination Form 23-24