Region Scholarship Program Guidelines

Budget: $8,000 (annual budget) for the 2023–2024 School Year

Maximum scholarship per member: $500

Eligibility Requirements:
• Must be a current State ACSA regular member
• Preference given to requests from active participants in region or state ACSA leadership
• Preference given to requests for ACSA event registration (i.e., academies, Leadership Summit,
North 1,2,3,4 Conference, etc.)
• Only one request may be awarded per member per fiscal year.

Selection Process:
• Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and as long as budgeted funds are available.
• Completed form is submitted to Region President or Region 3 Consultant.
• Region Executive Board reviews and approves (or denies) request at a regular meeting by vote.

Payment Eligibility:
• Approved applicant must then submit proof of payment for and completion of approved
professional development opportunity.

23-24 Scholarship Application: Region Scholarship PD Application 23 24