Every Student Succeeding

The mission of ACSA is to ensure that all students have the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel. On every school day throughout California, dedicated educators and courageous students overcome tremendous obstacles to reach that goal. Their success is our success; their powerful stories are our inspiration.

ACSA’s Every Student Succeeding program honors students who exceed our expectations and the educators who support them along the way. We are proud to highlight these young men and women who have overcome great obstacles to succeed. They face life’s challenges head on. Their stories are remarkable, and their futures are bright.

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to honor students at all grade levels who have succeeded, against all odds, beyond expectations or simply won the hearts of the administrators and other educators who helped them achieve their goals. One student from each region will be honored.

Eligibility: The success of these students should be tied to the work of ACSA administrators. We know that other educators will also have made significant contributions to their support, including board members, teachers, paraprofessionals, guardians, community members, etc.

Nominees should be students who have made a special effort to succeed and have overcome obstacles such as but not limited to:

Returning to school
-Leaving a gang
-Improving their attendance
-Changing their attitude
-Overcoming physical and mental barriers
-Illness or disability

They should also be active in:
-After-school programs
-Community service
-Student conflict-resolution
-Cross-age tutoring
-Peer mediation
-Peer tutoring

Nominees can come from programs such as:
-Alternative Education
-“At-risk” Interventions
-English Learners
-Continuation School
-Adult Education
-General education grades 4-12

Nomination Process: Nominations must be sent directly to the nominee’s charter president. Each charter will select three students to be honored at our Region 3 ESS awards event. The nomination form may be found at www.regions.acsa.org/3/ . The remaining nominees can be honored at a charter or district event. Deadline: Contact your charter president for the charter deadline. The deadline for charter presidents to submit recipient information to Region 3 is Friday, November 19, 2021

Charter Presidents- please send your completed student nomination forms (only three students per charter) to the state Region 3 Consultant Emilie Simmons, and Region 3 President-Elect Greg Barge.

Emilie Simmons
Region 3 Consultant
4429 Glen Oak Court, Sacramento, CA 95821
Cell: (530) 304-4419

Greg Barge
Region 3 President-Elect
Principal, Earl LeGette Elementary School
4623 Kenneth Avenue, Fair Oaks, CA 95828

Recognition: Students will be recognized at our ESS event in February. One student will be chosen to represent Region 3 at the State Level which will be held in Northern California in November 2021.

ESS program description 21-22

Download the 20-21 Every Student Succeeding Nomination Form

For more information, visit state ACSA’s ESS Program page.