APPLICATIONS DUE:  January 20, 2022

Region 3 is excited to announce the continuation of a Student Scholarship Program for high school seniors (or dependent continuing college students).

Each year, Region 3 awards a number of scholarships (minimum of $500 each) to outstanding college-bound, high-school seniors (or outstanding, continuing-college students). The recipient must be a family member of an active ACSA Region 3 member.  The awards will be presented at the annual Administrators of the Year Awards Dinner in May or at a similar region event and winners will be notified by mail prior to the event.

For more information, contact Emilie Simmons, Region 3 Consultant, at .

R3 student_scholarship_application 21-22 (PDF)

PROCESS FOR SELECTION: A Screening Committee shall be appointed by the President of ACSA Region 3 that consists of at least three members of the Executive Board and one other at-large member.  The ACSA Region 3 Executive Board shall set the criteria for the application, processing, and selection. The Selection Screening Committee will screen applicants and make the final recommendations to the Executive Board for approval.

Names of selected applicant(s) shall be submitted to the screening committee for approval as recipient(s) of the scholarship(s).

NOTIFICATION PROCESS: The annual recipient(s) shall be notified by a personal letter from the President of ACSA Region 3 and will be honored at the annual Administrator of the Year Award or at a similar region function.