The general purposes of ACSA, Region 3 are to promote the advancement of a an equitable, quality education for all students and to promote and support the Mission of State ACSA, which is:

ACSA Mission Statement

The Association of California School Administrators is the driving force for an equitable, world-class education system, and the development and support of inspired educational leaders who meet the diverse needs of all California students.

The Region’s Goals/Objectives for 2021-22 are:

    • Objective: Build dynamic professional communities where members can learn and collaborate.
    • Objective- Improve member access to convenient, ongoing development opportunities that reflect the latest trends in professional learning.
    • Actions:
      • Provide and support Professional Development opportunities at all appropriate regional events
      • Host events that are job-alike groups for networking and focused PD
      • Tap into resources that are available within the region for PD topics and delivery
    • Objective- Tap the full potential of ACSA to effect positive change for the profession and for students through better alignment of roles, goals, and resources at all levels of the Association.
    • Actions:
      • Increase membership and support to further empower charter leadership and action
      • Increase our presence on relevant social media platforms
    • Objective- To continue to build capacity in equity leadership and cultural proficiency of all Region 3 educators and to facilitate, implement and sustain anti-racist practices, while reflecting social justice standards.
    • Actions:
      • Increase diversity in ACSA membership and leadership through intentional recruitment and retention.
      • Increase members’ awareness and action in equity and diversity issues that impact historically underserved leaders and students.
      • Increase knowledge and use of the Region 3 Equity Plan.