ACSA continues to advocate for the public school students of California

Fall 2020

With all of the new in 2020, Steve and I are proud to come aboard to begin supporting your local advocacy efforts during extraordinary times in education. While COVID disrupts educators and schools, ACSA continues to advocate for legislation for our students. Our state and region Legislative Action team’s are active in reimagining support specifically around educational resources, school finance, and increasing social-emotional needs of students and staff. This year’s VPLA efforts will focus on building relationships with local officials and developing grassroots advocacy within charters.

Discussions during the October 14-16 ACSA Leg Action virtual conference included the following items:

  1. Planning for a virtual roundtable event sometime after the November election in December or January.
  2. There will be a Leg Action Day event April 11-12, 2021. As of today, it will be virtual and the other details are undetermined. If conditions change it is still possible to hold regular in person meetings at the Sheraton in Sacramento.
  3. The Legislative Analyst’s Office will issue their report on the state’s financial situation in November which will guide legislative discussions related to the next budget.
  4. During this pandemic, Leg Action delegates were reminded how important it is to stay in touch with our local political leaders, even at the local town council level.
  5. Communicating local educational concerns at the state, district, region, and local level will go far in terms of protecting local flexibility in dealing with the COVID impact on schools, students, teachers, and leaders.

The following are issues that are in the initial phases of development and will be further articulated in future Leg Action meetings:

  1. Distance learning and the issues of: equity, SEL, achievement gaps, tech access
  2. Reopening: liability, safety, and testing
  3. School financing and funding
  4. Mental Health: social and emotional learning and needs of students and staff during the pandemic

Right now, there are many unanswered questions concerning what the legislation and budgeting from Sacramento will look like for 2020-21. ACSA understands this is a stressful time for all members and is mindful to be flexible and help reduce the stress and demands being placed on members. Please contact us if we can support you in any way.

Jason M. Hodgson, Ed. D.
VP Legislative Action, ACSA Region 11


Steve Bsharah
VP Legislative Action, ACSA Region XI