The Association of California School Administrators is the driving force for an equitable, world-class education system, and the development and support of inspired educational leaders who meet the diverse needs of all California students.


Foundation for ACSA’s 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, adopted by ACSA Board of Directors 7/25/18

An educational leader is someone who:

  • Puts students first and advocates on their behalf
  • Sees the potential in all individuals through the lens of equity and a belief in the power of diversity
  • Draws upon the passion and talent of others to develop a shared vision for education
  • Builds strong consensus and a commitment to action
  • Is principled and authentic
  • Is bold and influential
  • Is driven to turn possibility into reality
  • Inspires others by nourishing the mind and the heart
  • Understands that it is a primary responsibility of leadership to cultivate and promote other leaders

ACSA Values Statements

In pursuing its mission, the Association of California School Administrators is guided by the following beliefs.

As educational leaders, we believe that . . .

. . . every student has the right to a quality education. [Right to a Quality Education]

. . . it is the responsibility of every educator to advocate for every student’s right to a quality education. [Responsibility of Educators]

. . . a quality education for all leverages the value of diversity in our community, strengthens society, and is essential for democracy to thrive. [Impact of a Quality Education]

. . . each student has unique potential that, if developed, can contribute to the betterment of society. [Student Potential]

. . . all ACSA members must have the cultural proficiency to confront both internal and external bias, behaviors, and policies that create barriers and limit the success and achievement of all students, families, and the professionals who serve them. As such, we take action to promote and advocate for policies, practices and systems that result in equitable educational outcomes. [Equity and Opportunity]

. . . learning is a lifelong endeavor, and that the act of learning is transformative. [Learning]

. . . we must personalize the learning experience and methods of assessment, in order to support each student’s capacity to learn. [Learning Methodology]

. . . what and how we teach our students must continue to evolve so that they are prepared for higher education, and to step into the workforce of the future and succeed in careers we have yet to imagine. [College and Career Readiness]\

. . . leadership is essential to every effective educational institution, and that every educational leader has a responsibility to seek, inspire and effect positive change for all students and the community. [Educational Leadership]

. . . by mobilizing the collective voice, expertise and compassion of all stakeholders who focus on the well-being of students, we can achieve a shared vision for education in California. [Collaboration]

. . . a world class education system must be adequately funded so that all students have the resources they need to achieve their potential. [Funding]

ACSA Impact Statements

Because of the efforts of ACSA . . .

  1. The Professional Community of Educational Leaders remains at the forefront of innovative educational practice and is sought after by state and federal policymakers and other stakeholders for expertise in creating an equitable, world class education system.
  2. Administrators are empowered to lead the charge for and deliver a quality public school education for all students.
  3. Students have the academic, physical and social-emotional support they need to be successful in college, career and life.
  4. All schools are committed to meeting the unique needs of their learning communities and have the resources to do so.
  5. Families and communities gain important allies in the health and well being of their children and in the development of an educated society.
  6. Business and industry benefit from a fully prepared workforce.
  7. All stakeholders are committed to the positive outcomes of an education system based on equity and excellence.

ACSA Long-term Goals


  1. To support professional growth and expand career opportunities through ready access to personalized pathways for leadership development.
  2. To provide accessible, relevant, career-long opportunities for professional learning and support, through which members can acquire, apply, demonstrate and be recognized for new knowledge.
  3. To drive professional excellence as the members’ first source for timely, comprehensive information on professional trends, issues, practices and resources.
  4. To be a dynamic professional community of educational leaders who collaborate and contribute their experience and expertise to support each other’s professional growth.


  1. To shape policy for a world-class education system and improved outcomes for all students by aligning the collective influence of members at the local, state and federal levels.
  2. To be the recognized expert, authoritative voice, and partner in addressing the diverse needs of students and the issues that impact learning.


  1. To optimize ACSA structure, human and financial resources, and impact through shared vision, leadership, stewardship and accountability at all levels of the Association.