Adopted by the ACSA Board of Directors February 17, 2023


The mission of the Association of California Administrators is to advocate in the best
interests of students and to develop, empower and inspire equity-minded educational leaders.


The Association of California School Administrators is the driving force for an equitable,
world-class education system that can meet the diverse needs of all California students.


The Association of California School Administrators is committed to the social, emotional and physical
well-being of students, educators and administrators in our schools. With it, student can effectively learn and
educators and administrators can provide an environment in which students can flourish.

In addition, ACSA is guided by the following beliefs as educational leaders.

  • Right to a Quality Education. 
  • Impact of a Quality Education. A quality education for all leverages the value of diversity in our community,
    strengthens society, and is essential for democracy to thrive.
  • Student Potential. Each student has unique potential to contribute to the betterment of society.
  • Equity and Opportunity. All ACSA members must have the ability to confront both internal and external bias,
    behaviors, and policies the create barriers and limit the success and achievement of all students, families, and
    the professionals who serve them. As such, we take action to promote and advocate for policies, practices
    and systems that result in equitable educational outcomes.
  • Learning. Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and the act of learning in an engaging environment is transformative.
  • College and Career Readiness. What and how we teach will provide the foundation for students to explore
    a variety of options available for a meaningful, productive career and to sustain the lifestyle they desire
  • Educational Leadership. Leadership is essential to every effective educational institution, and every educational
    leader has a responsibility to seek, inspire and effect positive change for all students and the community.
  • Vision for Education.Through leadership, we can achieve a shared vision for a world-class, fully-funded
    education system in California that can support all students in achieving their full potential.


GOAL: Member Development and Support

  • OBJECTIVE 1: To provide accessible, relevant opportunities for professional learning and leadership development through which
    members can acquire, apply and demonstrate new knowledge, as well as  expand career pathways.
  • OBJECTIVE 2: To drive professional excellence as the members’ first source for timely, comprehensive information on professional
    trends, issues, practices and resources.
  • OBJECTIVE 3: To be a dynamic professional community of educational leaders who collaborate and contribute their experience
    and expertise to support each other’s professional growth.

GOAL: Advocacy and Influence

  • OBJECTIVE 4: To shape policy for a world-class, fully-funded education system and improved outcomes for all students by aligning
    the collective influence of members at the local, state and federal levels.
  • OBJECTIVE 5: To be a leader, credible voice, and trusted partner in addressing the issues impacting the diverse needs of students
    and the administrators that support them.

GOAL: Organizational Development and Sustainability

  • OBJECTIVE 6: To optimize ACSA structure, human and financial resources, and impact through shared vision, leadership, stewardship and accountability at all levels of the Association.


  • ACSA’s 2023-24 Strategic Plan:
  • PDF version of the Strategic Framework: