Some charters invite two or three members to their monthly
meeting to highlight their contributions to public education.
To learn more about each honoree, click on the Bitly link for each month.

WEST KERN – OCTOBER 2023 – NEW ADMINISTRATORS – bit.ly/WKHighlights_1023

• Angela Gaggero, Vice Principal, BCSD
• Elena Rogers, Vice Principal, BCSD
• Laura Figueroa, Vice Principal, BCSD



WEST KERN – SEPTEMBER 2023 – TRANSITIONS – bit.ly/WKHighlights090723

• Brad Maberry, Superintendent, Wasco UESD
• Danny Arellano, Asst. Superintendent, Wasco UESD
• Maikel Bassilious, Principal, Standard School District
• Mary Jane Taylor, Asst. Principal, Standard School District
• Stephanie Trickey, Management Analyst I, Kern County SOS
• Nicholas Ray, Principal, Bakersfield City School District
• Myron Williams, Principal, Bakersfield City School District
• Dan Ramirez, Director of IT, Taft UHSD

Pictured left to right: Dan Ramirez, Danny Arellano, Stephanie Trickey, Mike Bassilious, Brad Maberry, Nicholas Ray, Heidi Witcher. Not pictured: Mary Jane Taylor, Myron Williams


• Ana Rivera 
Principal, Bakersfield City School District

• Jen Pafford
Principal, Rosedale USD

• Dr. Valerie Park
Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Technology, Panama-Buena Vista USD

Pictured left to right: Ana Rivera and Jen Pafford, and Dr. Valerie Park



• Alyssa Haley 
Learning Director, Armona Elementary School District

• Jamison Whiting
Principal, Lemoore Middle College High School, Lemoore Union High School District

• Jamie Rogers
Principal, Pioneer Middle School, Pioneer Union Elementary School District

Not pictured:
• Joy Gabler
Superintendent, Hanford Elementary School District

WEST KERN – MARCH 2023 – SPED ADMINISTRATORS – bit.ly/WKHighlights030223

• Jodi Stewart Gonzalez 
Assistant Director of SPED, BCSD

• Melissa Wood
Director of SPED Programs, Panama-Buena Vista USD

• Niza Perez
Director of SPED, Wasco USD

• JJ Elcano
Director of Student Support Services, Lakeside USD


• Bobby Sanchez 
Vice Principal, Freedom Middle School, Rosedale UESD

• David Bonilla
Vice Principal, Sequoia Jr. High, BCSD

• Ben Boesch
Vice Principal, McAuliffe Elementary School, Panama-Buena Vista USD

• Magan Gregg
Vice Principal, Fruitvale Jr. High, Fruitvale School District

• Dr. Julie Boesch
Assistant Director of the State System of Support for the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

Pictured left to right: Bobby Sanchez, David Bonilla, Ben Boesch and Dr. Julie Boesch. Not pictured: Magan Gregg

WEST KERN – NOVEMBER 2022 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_111022

• Diana Anderson 
Director of EDC and School Support, Rosedale UESD

• Jason Walker
Vice Principal at Kern Middle School, BCSD

• Stacy Stansberry
Director of Educational Tech and Curricular Innovation with Taft UHSD

Pictured left to right: Diana Anderson, Jason Walker and Stacy Stansberry



• Maria Bueno 
Assistant Superintendent
Student Services and Special Programs
Tulare Joint Union High School District

• Jonathan Farley
Director, Butterfield Charter High School, Porterville

KINGS – OCTOBER 2022 – bit.ly/KingsMemberRecog_1022

• Britanny Gately 
Assistant Principal, Neutra Elementary School, NAS Lemoore

• Silvia Maldonado
Principal, Avenal High School

Brittany, right, is pictured with her principal, Michelle King.


WEST KERN – OCTOBER 2022 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_1022

• Sara Williams 
Principal, Sequoia Middle School, Bakersfield City School District

• Nikol Manning
Vice Principal, Rosedale Middle School, Rosedale USD

• Shelly Triffin
Administrator of Alternative Education, Panama-Buena Vista Union School District

Pictured left to right: Shelly Tiffin, Nikol Manning and Sara Williams


WEST KERN – SEPTEMBER 2022 – TRANSITIONS – bit.ly/WKHighlights_0922

• Kristen Angelo 
Principal, Lakeside Union School District

• Dr. Jocelyn Hively
Superintendent, Standard School District

• Lauren Mawson
Principal, Del Rio Elementary School, Rosedale Union School District

• Jennifer Painter
Instructional Services Coordinator, Panama-Buena Vista Union School District

• Lori Slaven
Superintendent, Taft City School District

Pictured left to right: Lauren Mawson, Lori Slaven, Dr. Jocelyn Hively and Jennifer Painter.

WEST KERN – BOARD MEMBER SHOWCASE – MAY 2022 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_0522

• Dr. Val Park – West Kern President 2021-2022
Director of Assessment, Curriculum and Technology
Panama-Buena Vista Union School District
• Laura Orozco – West Kern Past-President 2021-2022
Assistant Superintendent, Bakersfield City School District
• Leslie Garrison – West Kern President-Elect 2021-2022
Superintendent, Fruitvale School District

• Lauren Mawson – West Kern Vice President & Ambassador 2021-2022
Instructional Services Coordinator
Panama-Buena Vista Union School District
• Greg Adkins – West Kern Secretary 2021-2022 
Principal, Granite Point Elementary, Greenfield Union School District
• Valerie Hudson – West Kern Treasurer 2021-2022
Principal, Donald E. Subaru School, Lakeside Union School District

• Ty Bryson – West Kern VP of Legislative Action 2021-2022
Superintendent, Lakeside Union School District
• Mark Luque – West Kern Director 2021-2022
Superintendent, Bakersfield City School District
• Susan Denton – West Kern Director 2021-2022 
Academic Improvement Specialist, Standard School District


• Richard Morosa – West Kern Director 2021-2022
 Principal, Wingland Elementary School, Standard School District
• Dr. Jason Hodgson – Region 11 VP of Legislative Action 
Superintendent, Taft Union High School District




• Estela Jimenez 
Principal, Sunrise High School, Reef-Sunset USD
When Estela was asked why she wanted to become a school administrator, she said she never imagined she would become an administrator, but during a time when most of our discipline issues stem from behavioral/emotional challenges she realized that her counseling background came in very handy. She was fortunate enough to have mentors that didn’t just supervise her, but were willing to share their knowledge and expertise. The administrators she worked for encouraged her to go into administration. She chose to become part of ACSA for the networking and professional development opportunities. She also cleared her administrative credential through the ACSA program which was a wonderful experience and allowed her an opportunity to connect with local administrators. She said, “This school has been exceptionally difficult. Nevertheless, even in the most difficult times there’s a glimmer of hope every time I see one of my students improve. Sometimes, these accomplishments are small baby steps for them, but the fact that they keep going day in and say out gives me motivation to keep pushing through as well.”

• Elizabeth Norris
Principal, J.C. Montgomery, KCOE
Elizabeth said she became an administrator to reach more students. She worked in alternative education at the start of her career and help those at-promise students reach their potential has been the driving force behind
her career choices. She chose to join ACSA because it’s a great way to network, to learn, and to stay up-to-date on policies. Her students were encouraged to apply for a race relations prize at Princeton University for their Stories with Style project. She said she is so proud that their voices and stories are reaching people across the country.

WEST KERN – APRIL 2022 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_0422

• Chelle Koerner 
Director of Alternative and SPED, Taft Union High School District

• Sarita Arredondo
Principal, Bessie E. Owens Primary, BCSD


KINGS – MARCH 2022 – bit.ly/KingsRecognition_0322

• Whitney Nelson 
Assistant Principal, Pioneer Middle School, Hanford

• Sarah Streib
Principal, Cinnamon Elementary School, Lemoore

KINGS – FEBRUARY 2022 – bit.ly/KingsRecognition_0222

• Christina Gonzales 
Principal, Stratford Elementary School, Central Union School District

• Darin Parson
Principal, Sierra Pacific High School, Hanford Joint Union High School District


WEST KERN – FEBRUARY 2022 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_0222

• Jasmine Basillious 
Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Fruitvale School District

• Rayshell Fambrough
Coordinator, BCSD

• Susie Smith
Instructional Services Coordinator, Panama-Buena Vista USD

WEST KERN – DECEMBER 2021 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_1221

• Michelle Davidson 
Assistant Principal, BCSD

• Tara Carr
Vice Principal, LUSD


KINGS – NOVEMBER 2021 – bit.ly/KingsHighlights_1121

• Courtney Coelho 
Program Manager, Special Education, Kings County Office of Education

• Erin Portugal Revious
Assistant Principal, Liberty Middle School, Lemoore

KINGS – OCTOBER 2021 – bit.ly/Kings_Highlights_1021

• Veronica Pelayo-Morales 
Principal, Armona Elementary School

• Cari Carlson
Director of Student Services
Reef-Sunset Unified School District


WEST KERN – OCTOBER 2021 – SPECIAL EDUCATION – bit.ly/WKHighlights_1021

• Nikki StilesAssistant Director of Special Ed, BCSD

• Kim Hoffman Coordinator of Special Education, Fruitvale USD

• Melissa Ortiz Director of Support Services, Greenfield USD

• Tina Altergott Director of Special Education, Rosedale USD


KINGS – SEPTEMBER 2021 – bit.ly/Kings_Highlights_0921

• Rodney Brumit 
Principal, Lemoore High School

• Elizabeth Mendoza
Director of Categorical Services
Corcoran Joint Union School District


WEST KERN – SEPTEMBER 2021 – TRANSITIONS – bit.ly/WKHighlights_0921

• Laura Orozco 
Assistant Superintendent of Ed Services, BCSD

• Dr. Jason Hodgson
Superintendent, Taft Union High School District

• Greg Adkins
Director of Innovation & Improvement, PBVUSD

KINGS – MARCH 2021 – STUDENT SERVICES – bit.ly/KingsHighlights_March2021

• Bobby Peters 
Director of Educational Services
Hanford Joint High School District

• Lucy Gomez
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Hanford Elementary School District


• Gretchen Skrotzki, Ed.D. 
Principal, Bishop Elementary School

Dr. Skrotzki was born in Bishop, but raised in Bakersfield. She returned to the Eastern Sierra eight years ago to become the Vice Principal of Bishop Elementary School. For the last three years, she has been the Principal of Bishop Elementary School. She never thought she would be “leading” a school through a pandemic with students on site since October 5, 2020. She is proud of Bishop Elementary’s teachers, staff, students, and families for helping keep on site learning occurring. In her spare time, you can often find Dr. Skrotzki reading, playing with her chocolate lab, spending time with her family and friends, and enjoying everything the Eastern Sierra has to offer.


• Jennifer Wildman, Ed.D. 
Superintendent, Mammoth Unified School District

Jennifer has worked in education since 1986 in a variety of roles, including aide, general and special education teacher, literacy coach, principal, director, and assistant superintendent of educational services. She lives in Mammoth with her partner, Steph, and has two adult children, Caleb, who is a theater lighting designer, and Lindsey, who is a music teacher. She is thrilled to be in Mammoth, and although she doesn’t ski, loves the outdoors, the people and the community!


WEST KERN – MARCH 2021 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_March2021

• Katie Russell 
Superintendent, Panama-Buena Vista USD

• Amanda Stevens
Vice Principal, Rosedale USD



KINGS – FEBRUARY 2021 – STUDENT SERVICES – bit.ly/KingsHighlights_Feb2021

• Lisa Rodriguez 
Director Student Services, KCOE

• Nicole Hester
Director Student Support Services
Pioneer Union Elementary School District


WEST KERN – FEBRUARY 2021 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_Feb2021

• Rosa Romero 
Superintendent, Richland School District

• Alfonso Ceja
Principal, Longfellow Eleme ntary School, BCSD

• Shawna Wright
Assistant Principal, Miller Elementary School, PBVUSD

WEST KERN – DECEMBER 2020 – SUPERINTENDENTS – bit.ly/WKHighlights_Dec2020

• Sue Lemon 
Superintendent, Rosedale UESD

• Mark Luque
Deputy Superintendent, BCSD



• Cynthia Marshall
Superintendent/Principal, Lakeside Union Elementary School District

• Cathlene Anderson
Superintendent/Principal, Kings River-Hardwick, Hanford



WEST KERN – NOVEMBER 2020 – NEW PRINCIPALS – bit.ly/WKHighlights_Nov2020

• Monica Hicks
Principal, Stine Elementary School, PBVUSD

• Michael Brasier
Principal, Thompson Jr. High, PBVUSD

• Erick Rouanzoin
Principal, Fruitvale Jr. High School, Fruitvale School District

• Lynn McEntire
Principal, College Heights Elementary School, BCSD

• Gaylene Roberts
Principal, SPED, KCSOS


KINGS – OCTOBER 2020 – LEARNING DIRECTOR/COORDINATOR – bit.ly/Kings_Highlights_1020

• Raquel Alvarez
Learning Director, Parkview Middle School, Armona

• Michelle DeWees
Learning Coordinator, Island Elementary School, Lemoore


WEST KERN – OCTOBER 2020 – ACSA SUPPORT STAFF – bit.ly/WK_Highlights_1020

• David Tonini
Executive Director, ACSA Region 11

• Kathy Forsythe
Director of Communications, ACSA Region 11


WEST KERN – SEPTEMBER 2020 – TRANSITIONS – bit.ly/WKHighlights_Sept2020

• Leslie Garrison
Superintendent, Fruitvale School District

• Kristina Treadwell
Coordinator, SELPA

• Tony Richardson
Vice Principal, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
STEAM & Design Campus, BCSD

KINGS – MAY 2020 – http://bit.ly/KC_Highlights_0520


• Sonia Gonzales
    Assistant Principal
Lemoore Union High School



• Lance Dowd
    Assistant Principal
Sierra Pacific High School, Hanford


WEST KERN – MAY 2020 – bit.ly/WK_Highlights_0520

Dr. Blanca Cavazos
Superintendent, Taft Union High School District
• Dr. Kevin Silberberg
Superintendent, Panama-Buena Vista USD
• Dr. Mary Westendorf
Superintendent, Fruitvale School District


KINGS – APRIL 2020 – http://bit.ly/KC_Highlights_0420


• Dave Whitmore
    Principal, John Muir Middle School, Corcoran



• Robert Guzman
    Assistant Principal, Liberty Middle School. Lemoore


KINGS – MARCH 2020 – http://bit.ly/KC_Highlights_0320

• Cindee Rael
    Coordinator of Curriculum, Assessment & Accountability
    Central Union School District
• Christina Thull-Askins
    Curriculum & Instruction, Kings County Office of Ed

WEST KERN – MARCH 2020 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_March2020

• Jayme Huens
    Principal, SPED, KCSOS
• Rebecca Ruiz
     Assistant Director of SPED, Panama-Buena Vista USD
• Jennifer Adebowlae
     Assistant Director of SPED, Panama-Buena Vista USD
• Holly Mell (not pictured)
     Assistant Principal, SPED, KHSD

KINGS – FEBRUARY 2020 – http://bit.ly/KC_Highlights_0220

• Rafaela Llamas
    Student Support Coordinator/Principal
• Aaron Haley
    Assistant Principal
    Kit Carson Elementary School

WEST KERN – FEBRUARY 2020 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_Feb2020

• Mike Havens
    Area Administrator, BCSD
• Julie Segura Padilla
     Principal, Ramon Garza Elementary School, BCSD
• Dr. Jason Hodgson
     Director of Professional Development, Panama-Buena Vista USD
• Richard Morosa
     Principal, Wingland Elementary School, Standard

WEST KERN – DEC 2019 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_Dec2019

• Leslie Garrison
Specially Funded Programs Administrator
Fruitvale School District

• Dr. Valerie Park
Director of Assessment
Curriculum & Tech, Panama-Buena Vista USD

• Valerie Garcia
Principal, Donald E. Suburu, Lakeside

WEST KERN – NOVEMBER 2019 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_Nov2019

• Jennifer Long
    Principal, Standard Elementary School
• Lauren Mawson
    Curriculum Coordinator, Panama-Buena Vista USD
• Kevin Tallon
    Principal, Wasco Union High School


WEST KERN – OCTOBER 2019 – bit.ly/WKHighlights_Oct2019

• Gary McCloskey
Area Administrator, BCSD
• Angie Bertran Harris
Principal, Richardson Center/DHOH Program, KCSOS
• Patrick Acosta
Assistant Principal, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, WUESD
• Shelly Tiffin
Instructional Services Coordinator, Panama-Buena Vista USD

WEST KERN – SEPTEMBER 2019 – bit.ly/2lZfp8o

• Jennifer Mykytiuk
     Curriculum & Special Programs Coordinator
• Dr. Jazmine Frias
     Principal, Williams Elementary, BCSD
• Joaquin Elcano
     Director of Student Services, LUSD

WEST KERN – APRIL 2019 – bit.ly/2G2rKAw

• Danny Arellano
    Principal, WUESD

• Rocio Muñoz
    Assistant Superintendent Ed. Services, RUSD

• Laura Orozco
    Area Administrator, BCSD



WEST KERN – MARCH 2019 – bit.ly/2UoWxPO

• Susanna Rios
    Principal, Bakersfield City School District
• Antwan Miller
    Vice Principal, Kern County Superintendent of Schools
• Heidi Witcher
    Assistant Superintendent/Principal, BUSD



WEST KERN – FEBRUARY 2019 – http.//bit.ly/2EjfIIi

• Dr. Hana Suleiman
    Greenfield Union School District
• Shirdon Prince
    Principal Alt. Ed.
    Kern County Superintendent of Schools
• Dr. Jocelyn Hively
    Director of Student Support Services
    Standard School District, Bakersfield


WEST KERN – DECEMBER 2018 – http://bit.ly/2Rafd5e

• Janet Bianco
Principal, Almondale Elementary School
Rosedale Union School District

• Patrick Calley
Panama Buena-Vista Union School District

• Margaret Gallegos

Area Administrator
Bakersfield City School District


WEST KERN – NOVEMBER 2018 – http://bit.ly/2qvOSic

• Kim Carlson (left)
    Director of Human Services
    Fruitvale School District
• Stacey Stansberry (center)
    Director of Education Technology
    Taft Union High School District
• Sharon Dunn (right)
Loudon Elementary
Panama Buena-Vista Union School District
• Marilyn Strongin (not pictured)
Principal, James Curran Middle School
Bakersfield City School District

In January 2019 Kings Charter initiated their “Homegrown” Member Recognition Program. Three administrators whose roots are in Kings County are recognized each month. 

MARCH – 2019

• Valerie Botello
    Principal, Jamison High School and Lemoore Adult School
I went to school at Central Union Elementary from kindergarten through eighth grade. After Central I went to Lemoore High School. From Lemoore High I went on to West Hills and transferred to Fresno State. I received my BA in Liberal Studies from Fresno State, as well as my Mild Moderate SPED credential. After Fresno State I went to CSU Bakersfield where I received my Masters in Educational Administration. While completing my BA I worked as a SPED aide for Pioneer Middle School. During my last semester of the program I began substitute teaching. As soon as I graduated with my BA I began teaching SPED at Lemoore High School (LHS). I taught at LHS for six years before I left to begin my journey as an administrator. I started my admin career as a Program Specialist for Visalia Unified (VUSD). I left VUSD to return to LHS and work as an assistant principal. I am now serving as the principal of Jamison High School and Lemoore Adult School.
I joined ACSA to network with other administrators.

• Rebecca Villa
    Director, Early Childhood Education
    Kings County Office of Education

• Veronica Pelayo-Morales
    Principal, Armona Union Elementary School


• Michelle Cano
    Learning Coordinator, Island Union Elementary School District
I attended kindergarten at Monroe Elementary School in the Hanford Elementary School District. From 1st through 8th grades I attended St. Rose McCarthy School, a private school in Hanford. During my high school years, I went to Hanford High School. My college years were spent at Fresno Pacific University where I also received my master’s degree in educational administration, as well as my administrative credential. I will be completing my eighth year at Island this June.
The reason I joined ACSA was to reap the benefits of belonging to a professional organization. The value of networking with other school administrators, as well as the professional development events that are offered by ACSA are truly beneficial to my personal and professional growth as a school leader.

• David Whitmore
    Principal, John Muir Middle School
    Corcoran Joint Union School District

• Silvia Maldonado
    Vice-Principal, Activities/ASB Director
    Avenal High School

My educational journey began at Kettleman City Elementary School where I completed my elementary and middle school education. After promotion from middle school I attended Avenal High School and graduated as a proud Buccaneer. I attended West Hills College for two years then transferred to Fresno State University, where I received my BA in Liberal Arts. I was hired by Reef-Sunset Unified School District upon my graduation from Fresno State. My first teaching job was at Kettleman City Elementary School, where I taught first grade for 15 years. My administrative credential work was completed through Tulare County Office of Education. I am currently the Vice-Principal, Activities/ASB Director at Avenal High School. I am in my 3rd year at Avenal High.
I joined ACSA because it is a great association that keeps me abreast OF all aspects of the education field. It also provides valuable networking opportunities for me to be informed of all the great things colleagues throughout the area are doing at their sites and districts.


JANUARY – 2019

• Nichole Mendes
    Assistant Principal, Hanford West High School
    Hanford Joint Union High School District
I was born and raised in Hanford, attended Pioneer when it was K-8, went on to graduate from Hanford High School in 1992, then on to Kings River College and transferring to CSU Stanislaus. I returned to my roots in 2000. The next year I was fortunate to obtain a PE position at Hanford West and have remained in HJUHSD since. I was a PE teacher and basketball coach for 16 years and as much as I enjoyed helping students and student athletes work toward reaching their physical and academic goals, I felt a calling to work in a capacity of greater leadership, that had the ability to reach multiple students and programs. I attended the Fresno Pacific University administrative program and was hired as a learning director for Hanford West in the 2015-16 school year. I am currently the assistant principal at Hanford West.
I joined ACSA for the many opportunities it allows a growing administrator — the ability to network, conferences, workshops, etc., as well as the professional liability protections.

• Fred Guerrero
    Principal, Reef Sunset Middle School
    Reef Sunset Unified School District

• Robert Guzman
    Assistant Principal, Liberty Middle School
    Lemoore Union Elementary School District