Candidates Statements for 2020-2021 Open Positions

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Steve Bsharah announces candidacy for
Region XI Vice President of Legislative Action

The election for this three-year position will take place on Thursday, April 30 at the Region XI Leadership Assembly in Bakersfield. Steve is one of two candidates in this race.

My name is Steve Bsharah and I would love to serve as your next V.P. of Leg Action. I’ve been a proud member of ACSA for the past eight years since I joined the ranks of educational leadership as a vice principal. I’m currently the principal for Alternative Programs in the Tehachapi Unified School District. I’m involved in ACSA Region XI as the East Kern V.P. for Leg Action and the Region Director for East Kern. I have actively participated in the ACSA Legislative Action Day in Sacramento since joining ACSA. My growth as an educational leader has been encouraged through my attendance every year at the ACSA Mid State Conference and attending the Principal’s Academy. I have been asked to function as a delegate for state delegate ACSA meetings.

As an educational leader my work and activism in ACSA responds directly to ACSA’s student-centered philosophy. A central ambition of my educational career has been to fully engage the social context of education without compromising a commitment to the standards of student scholarship and equity.

During my career I have been fortunate to work with schools and policy-makers in California, Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois, Michigan, and throughout the world (Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Germany, Japan, South Africa) focusing on exploring how to develop policies to support student success. My career as an educational leader has allowed me to collaborate with other policy leaders to change the educational landscape connecting all students with success in a more inclusive way. I would work hard to continue the highly professional and productive relationship that has been established with the legislature by ACSA. I continue to look forward to serving ACSA and its membership as V.P. of Leg Action.

Rosalinda Chairez announces candidacy for
Region XI Vice President of Legislative Action

The election for this three-year position will take place on Thursday, April 30 at the Region XI Leadership Assembly in Bakersfield. Rosalinda is one of two candidates in this race.

I am Rosalinda Chairez and I am taking this opportunity to announce my candidacy for ACSA’s Region XI Vice-President of Legislative Action.

I am the Principal of John L. Prueitt Elementary in Wasco. I have been working for this beautiful district for 30 years. I started as a Cal-State tutor, 1st grade teacher, 5th grade teacher, vice-principal and currently principal.

I believe the following information will hopefully qualify me to be represent ACSA’s Region XI as Vice-President of Legislative Action.

I was born In Mexico City and was mostly raised by my paternal grandparents in rural Mexico in a very, very small town where we had no electricity, running water, gas, refrigeration, television, etc. I came to the United States at my father’s request in 1978. I arrived in Lake Tahoe as a 5th grader; I was the only Hispanic student at Bijou Elementary. Not knowing English was not a hindrance to me. As I recall, I struggled understanding and applying the mechanics of the English language until my high school years at Foothill in Bakersfield. The challenges of language acquisition did not discourage me. I had excellent teachers who showed constant interest in my learning to the extent that I graduated from Foothill with honors and went directly to California State University in Bakersfield on full scholarships.

I share this information with ACSA because I feel it is very important ACSA knows that I am an administrator who is an English language learner able to relate to my students’ academic and language needs particularity those of second language learners.

As I mentioned above, I was an elementary teacher with Wasco Union School District and am currently a principal with the same. As a principal, In addition to many other responsibilities, I keep close track of monies allocated to my school and make sure that I show fiscal responsibility by spending the monies for the right students and reasons. This process has helped me understand the important role ACSA’s involved members have in guiding the State of California to make fiscal decisions that benefit its diverse and changing student population.

Lastly, since I first became an administrator, I started attending ACSA’s meetings, conferences, and successfully completed the Special Ed, Personnel, and Curriculum and Instruction Academies. It is my intention to continue to learn, advocate, and participate in ACSA’s various activities and assignments including Vice-President of Legislative Action. Please take time to consider me for this important endeavor.


David Bowling announces candidacy for State
ACSA Board of Directors representing Region XI

The election for this three-year position will take place on Thursday, April 30 at the Region XI Leadership Assembly in Bakersfield. David is the sole candidate in the race.

To the members of Region XI:

I am David Bowling, Assistant Superintendent of the Wasco Union Elementary School District and a long-time member of Region XI. I am announcing my candidacy to serve our region as your representative on the State ACSA Board of Directors. I have been involved with Region XI leadership long enough to remember a time when our Central Valley  Charters felt quite disconnected from our organization’s governance. It took several years of leadership from many exceptional Region XI officers to reach out to Sacramento, express our concerns, and give a voice to the needs of Inyo/Mono, Kern, Kings and Tulare Charters. Because we addressed these issues directly and professionally, Region XI is now well-positioned as a valued voice in ACSA. It is my intention to continue that highly professional and productive relationship with State ACSA.

My leadership experience within ACSA has rewarded me bot personally and professionally. I served multiple years as President of West Kern ACSA and was President of Region XI during the 2016-2017 school year. I continue to stay involved at the region level as a Director of West Kern Charter. Additionally, I serve on the ACSA Mid-State Conference Committee and the State ACSA Leadership Development Committee I will represent you on the State Board with a level headed approach. As you are well aware, the values and politics influencing public education differ wildly across the state. There must be common sense decision-makers that push the noise of disrupters to the side. Region XI values ideas and policies that embrace local control, diversity, and philosophies that put the child first in public education. Common sense decision making, centered on these values, is what I offer you if chosen to represent Region XI on the ACSA State Board of Directors.

Blanca Cavazos announces candidacy for
Superintendency Council representing Region XI

The Superintendency Council Representative will be elected by secret ballot sent to all Region XI Superintendents in March. Blanca is the sole candidate in the race.

Candidacy Statement:

I am the Superintendent of the Taft Union High School District. In March, I will have served seven years in my current position.

I have served ACSA through numerous positions. I started as the student representative on the West Kern Charter Board; then Secretary, Treasurer and President of the West Kern Charter; Secretary, Treasurer,  Vice President, President-Elect and President of ACSA Region XI, Region XI representative to the State Adult Education Council and Secondary Education Council; represented ACSA in Washington, D.C.; represented Region XI on the State Board of Directors; served as a member of the State Audit Committee and Finance Committee; and, member of the ACSA Leadership Summit 2019 Planning Committee. I also served as co-director of the ACSA Principals Academy in Bakersfield for four years.

I’d like to serve on the Superintendency Council in order to work with colleagues on issues related to the role of the superintendent, in order to seek proactive solutions that will positively affect the education of students and the working conditions of educators throughout the state. I also want to collaborate with other superintendents to advocate for our students and our profession at the local, state and nationals levels of government.