New administrators encouraged to take advantage of ACSA’s Mentor Program

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ACSA’s Mentor Program is in its second full year of operation. The Mentor Program is one of the many professional development opportunities offered by ACSA, and, during the past year, our Regional Facilitators were responsible for establishing approximately 50 Mentor/Protége relationships. Feedback from participants has been very positive, and it is our hope that even more new administrators will take advantage of the program this year. We began with superintendents and have now moved on to include site administrators, especially principals, and district office staff. Basically, the program is open to all first and second year administrators that are new to their position.
Within the Association of California School Administrators, our goal is to improve the effectiveness of administrative leaders, thereby increasing the success of their students, and protecting the investment that is administrative personnel. District and school administrators are expected to be great leaders from the very beginning of their careers, but the framework to hone their leadership skills primarily occurs prior to their gaining practical experience. Mentoring is an excellent way to provide on-the-job, confidential, practical support for new administrators, and possibly the best aspect is that the service is absolutely FREE to ACSA members. Each and every time a district hires an administrator, the district is making a substantial investment. It simply makes sense to develop and protect that investment, and the Mentor Program is a great starting point.
You may wonder how ACSA can offer the Mentor Program at no additional cost to members or school districts. Thanks to the efforts of ACSA staff, we also have developed a budget with a funding source through our Legal Alliance which includes: Atkinson, Anderson, Loya, Rudy & Romo; Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP; Dannis, Woliver, Kelley; Fagen, Friedman & Fulfrost, LLP; and Lozano Smith. Funds provided by these firms have provided the support for the development and maintenance of the program. We are extremely thankful to these legal firms for their on-going support.
For all ACSA members who have recently taken on a new position, it is very easy to sign up for the Mentor Program. Simply go to the ACSA website, click on Member Services, and then click on the Mentor Program. This link will take you directly to an application where you can sign up to be a mentor or a protége. It’s that simple, and, remember, it’s free! Upon completion of the application form, you will be contacted by your Regional Facilitator. Questions? Contact Regional Facilitator Mike Berg, 559-906-4100.