Council/Committee openings for 2020-2021

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Serving on a job-alike council or committee
is a great way to become involved in ACSA

ACSA’s effectiveness in shaping education policy at both the state and federal level lies in its grassrooms strength. To that end, ACSA is structured with issue-focused committees and job-alike councils made up of education leaders. Region XI will have open positions for representatives to the following council/committees next year:
• CAPEA Committee
• Co-Administration Committee
• Urban Education Committee
• Adult Education Council
• Curriculum, Instruction & Accountability Council
• Elementary Education Council
• Middle Grades Education Council
• Secondary Education Council
Go to to view descriptions of each council or committee and contact information to learn more.
The expectations of a representative to a state council or committee are:
• Attend all state committee meetings, or if a conflict occurs, see that arrangements are made for an alternative to represent the region attends.
• Prepare a written/oral report to be presented at the first region board meeting/region leadership assembly following each state meeting.
• Submit a summary of committee/council actions to the Director of Communications for publication in the region newsletter.
• Establish and coordinate region committee/council meetings, as needed.
• Maintain regular communications/networking — email, fax, letters, phone, website, etc. — with your job-alike colleagues regarding activities of your state meetings.
• Attend region planning retreat and/or orientation workshop.
If interested, complete the nomination form:, and return it to Michele Borges,, by Monday, April 27. Questions my be directed to Borges.