Dear ACSA Region 10 member,

ACSA Region 10 is pleased to announce this year’s nominees and award winners for Administrator of the Year awards. The nominees and winners will be celebrated at the annual ACSA Region 10 Spring Fling on Friday, May 7. The event will be held virtually this year, but we have some exciting activities and recognition planned during this online event (details to follow). We will also take the opportunity to verbally recognize the 2019-20 nominees and winners as we were not able to honor them last spring.

Special thank you extends to our Awards Committee for their time in reading and scoring all the nominations, including the accompanying letters. They did this outside of their regular work schedules, and it is a lot of reading. This year’s committee includes:

  • Awards Chair and ACSA R10 Past President: Marci McFadden

  • Monterey Charter President: Joe Sampson

  • Salinas Charter President: Tina Martinez

  • San Benito Charter President: Bill Sachau, Jr.

  • Santa Cruz Charter President: Michael Mansfield

  • State ACSA Board of Director and VP Legislative Action: Barbara Martinez

This year, Region 10 members submitted a total of 25 nominations. We are extremely proud of the incredible work each nominee and winner is doing on behalf of students in their district or county office of education. Each nominee is screened rigorously against six criteria points, as indicated below. Involvement and number of years in ACSA are also considered.

  • Criteria #1: Describe how the nominee promotes the success of all students through a commitment to educational quality and student achievement and a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community.

  • Criteria #2: Describe how the nominee promotes the success of all students by advocating, nurturing and sustaining a school culture and instructional programs conducive to student learning and staff development.

  • Criteria #3: Describe how the nominee promotes the success of all students by modeling a personal code of ethics and commitment to professional growth.

  • Criteria #4: Describe how the nominee promotes the success of all students by employing creativity and innovation in dealing with issues and problems facing public education and in responding to diverse community interests and needs.

  • Criteria #5: Describe how the nominee promotes the success of all students by creating a safe, efficient and effective learning environment through exceptional leadership in managing school programs and strong support for the school management team.

  • Criteria #6: Describe how the nominee promotes the success of all students by advocating, nurturing and sustaining the use of new technology, including identifying and implementing strategies that support technology-infused teaching and learning.

  • Involvement with ACSA

2020-21 Award Winners

Superintendent of the Year

Krystal Lomanto (San Benito Charter)

Secondary Principal of the Year

Margaret Pughe (Santa Cruz Charter)

Middle Grades Principal of the Year

Scott Wilbur (San Benito Charter)

Elementary Principal of the Year

Joseph Sampson (Monterey Charter)

Central Office Administrator of the Year – County/District

Sonia Jaramillo (Salinas Charter)

Secondary Co-Administrator of the Year

Michael Mansfield (Santa Cruz Charter)

Classified Leader of the Year

Marcela Jones (Salinas Charter)

Personnel/Human Resources Administrator of the Year

Erika Sanchez (San Benito Charter)

Special Education Administrator of the Year

William “Bill” Sachau, Jr. (San Benito Charter)

Superintendent/Principal of the Year

John Schilling (San Benito Charter)

Business Services Administrator of the Year

Mary Navas (Santa Cruz Charter)

Student Services Administrator of the Year

Sharlene Ames (Santa Cruz Charter)

Curriculum & Instruction Administrator of the Year

Laura Cortez (Salinas Charter)

Technology Administrator of the Year

John Frusetta (San Benito Charter)


Ken McCombs Award

Billie Mankey (Monterey Charter)

Keith Parkhurst Award

Sonia Aramburo (Salinas Charter)

Leadership Matters

Limary Gutierrez (Salinas Charter)

Dr. William D. Barr

Michele Huntoon (San Benito Charter)

County Office of Education Service Recognition Award

This year has been like no other, and ACSA Region 10 would like to take the opportunity to recognize our three county superintendents for their leadership and advocacy on behalf of our school districts in Region 10. Their work behind the scenes and around the clock deserves celebration and kudos.

Deneen Guss, Monterey County Office of Education

Krystal Lomanto, San Benito County Office of Education

Faris Sabah, Santa Cruz County Office of Education




ACSA Region 10 represents school administrators and supervisors in three counties: MontereySan Benito, and Santa Cruz. We serve four charters: Monterey, Salinas, San Benito, and Santa Cruz.

The region reflects the diversity of the area in its geography and demographics. Our school districts’ locations range from remote to rural to suburban and urban. Districts range in size from the one-school-districts with 30 or fewer students to large urban districts with more than 20 schools and 20,000 students.


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