ACSA Legislation Action Day

ACSA Legislative Action Day
April 17-18, 2023


The mission of the Association of California School Administrators calls on the organization to be bold and authoritative advocates on behalf of its members. ACSA aims to be at the forefront of student advocacy and education policy issues at the state and federal level. The organization’s Legislative Platform plays a significant role in guiding the ACSA Governmental Relations staff in steering the course for improvements and progress in public education and school administration.

ACSA’s Legislative Platform, adopted every two years, establishes the advocacy priorities for the organization with the underlying premise of supporting what is best for students. The Legislative Platform, developed by the Legislative Policy Committee, is ratified by the Leadership Assembly and adopted by the ACSA Board of Directors. By establishing advocacy priorities, the Legislative Platform guides the work of ACSA Governmental Relations staff and informs lawmakers of the organization’s highest education priorities. While the ACSA Legislative Platform is intended to identify major advocacy priorities for the organization, the absence of any particular policy issue does not preclude the Governmental Relations staff from representing the membership in policy areas that may arise over the course of the legislative session.

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