• Support California’s educational leaders;
  • Ensure all students have the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel; and
  • Champion public education.
  • Public education – Strengthening of democracy through public education
  • Leadership – Belief in the importance of leadership and integrity
  • Service – Commitment to supporting administrators and serving students
  • Unity and Diversity – Belief in inclusiveness and a unified purpose
  • Continuous Improvement – Always striving to be better and causing positive change
  • Enjoyment – Enjoyment in working together and celebrating the profession
To preserve and improve the quality of life through public education.
To be the most influential, respected student-focused and service-oriented educational association in existence.
ACSA will be well known for being the most dominant influence on public education in California and throughout the nation.  Advancement of the interests, needs and well-being of California students will be the hallmark of ACSA action.  ACSA will advocate for California schools to be once again the best in the nation, and the envy of schools worldwide.
ACSA will seek positive alliances with all major educational associations and serve as a catalyst, unifying all interested persons in our educational systems.  ACSA will drive the implementation of a comprehensive master plan and appropriate funding for public education.  ACSA will be a primary and most trusted resource to California’s Governor and Legislature concerning educational matters through a united voice.
Ninety percent of all school administrators will belong to ACSA, and its membership will be regarded as virtually indispensable.  ACSA will cultivate and mentor California’s administrative leaders, and be the primary provider of their professional development and networking opportunities.  ACSA will utilize state of the art technology.  Benefits and resources will be available to members any time, and in a variety of formats.  ACSA communication networks will provide instantaneous dissemination of reliable, in-depth information.  ACSA member services and benefits will be consistently outstanding.