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Led by V.P. Membership Services, Cynthia Rapaido, participants at the Region 5 Octoberfest at the Grosvenor on October 24, 2011 offered this list of words associated with the theme of  “What ACSA Means to Me.”

“The ABC’s of ACSA:  What does ACSA mean to Region 5?”

A: all together
B: brings out the best
C: collaboration
D: determination
E: energy
F: fantastic!
G: generations
H: helpful
I: innovative
J: jobs
K: knowledge
L: law suits
M: mentoring
N: networking
O: opportunities
P: professional
Q: quality
R: risk takers
S: service
T: team work
U: unity
V: volunteers
W: wisdom
X: anti-Xenophobic
Y: youthful
Z: zealous

A fun exercise, with prizes for the participants distributed with the help of VP Legislative Action Larry Teshara. Larry completed all 26 out of 26 passes to cap a successful evening.