ACSA Region 19 Budget Guidelines

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1. Reserves

a.   Four thousand dollars ($4,000) shall be carried as a restricted portion of reserves each fiscal year.

b.   At least five percent (5%) of the income from State ACSA shall be budgeted into a contingency fund each fiscal year.

c.   A balance of $4,000 will be maintained in a bank account for cash flow purposes.

2. Charter and Committee/Council Funding

a.    The Budget Review Committee will access the ACSA rebates and shares with the charters by providing:

i.    Charter funding:  Basic allocation of $250 upon receipt by the Region Consultant of the charter’s previous year financial statement, present year budget, a complete listing of the charter’s officers and delegates for the present year, and the charter’s bylaws. This information to be received by September 15 of the calendar year for payment to be authorized.

ii.    The portion of the ACSA rebates received by the Region that are surplus to the support of the traditional Region program will be allocated to Charters by June of the following year.  Surplus is interpreted to mean 95% of the difference between the previous year’s ACSA rebate income and actual expended amount by the Region.

iii.    Committee/Council funding:  Basic allocations of $200 upon receipt by the Region Vice President of Committees/Councils of a complete list of committee membership and proposed activities for the year.  Payment will be made by the Treasurer upon receipt of the Request for Payment form submitted by the Region Vice President of Committees/Councils.

3. Project/Activity Designs

a.   An amount shall be budgeted annually for Project/Activity Designs. As of June, 2011, this amount is $225 per term, per Charter. Project/Activity Designs must be received by June 10 (1st Term) and January 10 (2nd Term) to be eligible to be funded.

b.   Project/Activity Designs from Committees/Councils must be forwarded to the Region Vice President of Committees/Councils for approval by the Region Board.

c.   Project/Activity Designs from Charters must be forwarded to the Region President for approval by the Region Board.

d.   In order to be considered for approval, Project/Activity Design forms must be received by the Region by January 8 of each year.

4. Savings/Checking Accounts

a.   The Treasurer, at his/her discretion, shall direct monies to and from savings accounts (certificates or deposits, time deposits) with the Region President’s approval.

b.   The checking account requires one (1) signature.  Authorized signers include the Treasurer, Region President, and Region President-Elect.

c.   The Treasurer and Region President will be responsible for Region financial operations.

i.    Region Board of Director members and designated support staff are eligible for reimbursement for telephone communications, stationary, postage, travel (State ACSA authorized rate), meals, and lodging required in the function of their particular office.  A Request for Payment form must be submitted to the Treasurer for approval of payment.

ii.    The Region Board of Directors shall be authorized to contract for secretarial, clerical, bookkeeping, and conference facilities help at a rate not to exceed $15 per hour, as necessary, to carry out the duties of the Region.  A higher rate may be approved by the Region Board of Directors.  When a district or county schools employee is contracted to perform any of these duties, the $15 per hour rate will be paid for time after the regularly paid work day.

iii.    Expenses for attendance or participation in conferences, workshops, or training sessions may be paid by Region XIX with prior approval of the Region President and if the expenses are incurred for the benefit of Region XIX.

5. Budget Calendar

a.   A Budget Review Committee consisting of the Treasurer and members selected by the Board will meet at the June Conference to set up an annual budget.

b.   The Budget Guidelines shall be reviewed annually by the Budget Review Committee on or before June 30 and presented to the Region Board for approval.

c.   The Budget Review Committee shall draft a budget for the following year and it shall be presented to the Region Board prior to the final Region Board meeting.

d.   The final proposed budget for the following year will be presented at the June Conference for final discussion and adoption.

6. Legislative Action Day

  1. All flights must be pre-arranged by Vice-President, Legislative Action, unless approved by Board.  Otherwise, the individual or Charter will be responsible for the cost.
  2. Transportation will be arranged by the Vice-President, Legislative Action .  Individuals using taxis will not reimbursed for more than $15.00 per way.  All members are encouraged to take the pre-arranged shuttles or share taxis to reduce expenses.
  3. Hotel rooms are booked in advance.  Additional nights or rooms outside of the “block” will not be reimbursed.
  4. Internet and incidental room charges are the responsibility of the individual and/or charter and will not be reimbursed.
  5. Airport parking will be reimbursed up to $10.00 per day.
  6. Meals are paid by the Vice-President, Legislative Action and will not be reimbursed individually.
  7. All receipts must be received by the Region XIX Treasurer or Consultant within 45 days of the Leg. Action Day activity.  Any receipts received after that time will be returned without reimbursement.


Adopted June, 2011