Region 11 Goals for 2016-17

Region 11 will increase support from top administrators to build meaningful involvement for members and districts.

  • By conducting ACSA Region/State Superintendent meetings(s)
  • By increasing Committee and Council opportunities to gather with members
  • By increasing job-alike opportunities
  • By encouraging local access to academies

Region 11 will communicate the benefits of ACSA and involvement in the organization, treat members as equals, communicate the opportunities for involvement with all members, and provide value-added opportunities for districts to encourage participation.

  • By starting electronic communications to general membership
  • By keeping the website current
  • By inviting job-alikes across all charters for councils and committees
  • By identifying local community venues to communicate ACSA’s position

Region 11 will develop the use of technology in the organization to enhance communication.

  • By embedding Google training into Region and Charter meetings
  • By setting a goal to move away from DropBox by the end of the year
  • By studying WebEx for possible implementation
  • By utilizing State ACSA website resources to enhance meetings

2016-2017 Region XI Goals