Region 11 Goals for 2017-18

Region 11 will be authoritative advocates for all matters pertaining to education and its leaders to increase Region 11 involvement with state and local legislation.

  • By designating a Leg Action Coordinator for each Charter and establishing a Region 11 Leg Action Committee
    • Set calendar of Region Leg Action activities
    • Establish Region Leg Action communication network
  • By holding a Region Leg Action Day with all local state legislators
  • By coordinating and implementing a series of school visits by local state legislators
    • Establish a target calendar
    • Establish a common theme — purpose of visits — for Region 11
    • Involve all Charters in this activity
  • By developing and implementing a communication/publicity plan for all Region 11 Leg Action activities that includes social and traditional media (Twitter, Facebook, TV and Newspaper)

Region 11 will build and maintain vibrant, purposeful networks of educational communities by increasing support from top administrators to build meaningful involvement for members and districts.

  • By targeting superintendents to share relevance of ACSA through venues such as county superintendents meetings, Superintendents Symposium, etc.
  • By conducting a “Did You Know? campaign involving social media
  • By increasing committee and council opportunities to gather with members (job-alike)
  • By encouraging local access to academies and presenters
  • By encourage each member to recruit out to a non-member with the goal of equity in mind — “Each One, Reach One”

Region 11 will cultivate transformational technologies in all aspects of our work to increase accessibility of information and visibility of ACSA brand to all members.

  • By utilizing WebEx and connecting links of meetings to website to archive
  • By interacting with the ACSA App at each meeting
  • By expanding social media presence

2017-2018 Region 11 Goals