Region 7’s Student Scholarship Winners Announced

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Congratulations to the 2024 Region 7 Ken Brown/Francine Gasper student scholarship winners. Each student will receive a  $1,000. The students were honored at our last General Membership Assembly in April. The award winners are:

Lillian Blevins – Daughter of ACSA member Kelene Blevins. Lillian is a senior at Ceres High School. Education serves as the cornerstone of her aspirations, particularly in her pursuit of a career as a criminal profiler for the FBI. “With a commitment to lifelong learning, I am determined to realize my aspirations and make a meaningful contribution to the field of criminal profiling.”

Hunter Goudeau – Son of Brad Goudeau. Hunter is a senior at Central Catholic High School. He hopes to get into a prestigious 4-year academy or a 4-year state college. “Education is important to me because it is a guaranteed path of success for those who believe in the process, along with themselves.”

Rebecca Hungerford – Daughter of Jared Hungerford. Rebecca is a senior at Bret Harte High School. Rebecca says her direction in life would not be what it is today without the foundation built at school. “Arts classes and opportunities to flourish gave me the skill and confidence to pursue my dreams in a career in animation, doing what I love.”

Josiah Sandoval – Son of Mariana Sandoval. Josiah is a senior at Central Valley High School  and wants to pursue a career as a Mechanical  Engineer. “I would love to one day work in the automotive industry with the goal of designing and creating my own model of a popular car focused on safety.”