The 2025 ACSA Award Program will be open for nominations on August 1st.  Please use the link above to submit a nomination for our ACSA Region 7 awards. Those winners will be recognized at our annual Spring Conference. The Region 7 Awards Committee will be selecting award winners from all the Administrator of the Year categories, the Robert E. Kelly Award, Valuing Diversity Award and the Partners in Educational Excellence Award.

The Every Student Succeeding Award goes through the Region 7 Charters and a region winner is selected to go on to State ACSA. Do not fill out the Every Student Succeeding Award on the State ACSA webpage. Please go through your charters to select a student.

Take a minute to watch a short demo of the online platform to find out how you can nominate your colleagues, or read the frequently asked questions on the ACSA awards link above.

Members can nominate a person for the Ferd Kiesel Distinguished Service Award and the Marcus Foster Memorial Award. They are selected at the state level. They do not go through the Region 7 Awards Committee and are not recognized at our Spring Conference. Those award winners are recognized at ACSA’s Leadership Summit.

Remember, a member may be selected for a different award category each year, but can only be selected for the same category every five years. It is also recommended to send at least one letter of recommendation along with your nomination – especially for consideration at the State level.  

Region 7 has two special awards that are given each year – the  Bob Price Distinguished Service Award and the Bill Ullom Administrator of the Year Award.  These awards are selected by the Region President. 

Bob Price Distinguished Service Award – This award is presented to one administrator, classified manager, or confidential employee whose service to education exemplifies strong support for the management team, exceptional leadership in managing school programs, commitment to educational quality and student achievement, and creativity in dealing with issues and problems facing public education.  This award was renamed in honor of Dr. Bob Price in 2019, for his passion, sprit and exemplary service to Region 7 and his incredible support of educational leaders

Bill Ullom—Administrator of the Year Award – Region 7 annually singles out one school leader who exemplifies the best in positive, effective, professional service to children and youth.  This person is our administrator of the year.  The award is named in honor of Bill Ullom, a past Region Consultant, who passed away on June 22, 1981. Mr. Ullom was a member of ACSA, served as Region 7’s first consultant, and set the standard for the consultant position. The Bill Ullom Award is Region 7’s top award.

School Board or School Board Trustee Nominations

Nominations for Region 7 School Boards or School Board Trustees are done through our Region. Those winners will also be recognized at our annual spring conference.  See link below:

Region 7 School Board Nomination

Things to remember when nominating:

State Board Members and Staff

Current (2024-2025) ACSA State Board members and officers and ACSA staff are not eligible for any awards. This restriction doesn’t apply to region or charter board members, only to the State Board. If you’ve nominated a State Board member, please be aware that their nomination won’t be considered eligible.

Membership Requirements

Active State ACSA membership is required to be considered a state finalist for the following award categories: Administrator of the Year, the Marcus Foster Memorial Award and the Valuing Diversity Award. The Robert E. Kelly Award requires having been a retired ACSA member for 3+ years.

Membership is not required for the Ferd Kiesel Memorial Award, which can be awarded to any individual who has served public education, or the Partners in Educational Excellence Award, given to organizations or community partnership programs.

Retiring Nominees

Nominees who plan to retire this coming year (2025) are eligible for the 2025 awards.

Previous Nominees/Awardees

Nominees who have been nominated or selected for awards in the past are eligible for this year’s program, as there’s no limit on times nominated or awarded.

A quick request: Please delete your duplicates and tests!

If you’ve created a duplicate or test entry, we ask that you go ahead and delete it now, or as soon as you’ve finished with your testing process, in order to help us ensure that all viable nominations are submitted for region consideration by the deadline of January 16, 2025.

To delete an entry, select the small check box next to the duplicate or test entry and click the “Delete” button above the entry list.

Make sure to hit “Submit”

Please ensure that you hit the Submit button on any entries before the deadline. The system is automated and will close the entry window exactly at 11:59 p.m.


If you have any questions, please contact our Region 7 Award Managers:

Claudia Vicino – (209) 345-5239

Mary Ann Sanders – (209) 614-7766

Dr, Denise Wickham – Awards Chair –
(209) 608-3614