Legislative Action Day – Join Us As We Advocate For Our Students

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An Important Update From Your VP of Legislative Action

As your Regional VP of Legislative Action, it’s my goal to ensure that I am keeping you informed and supporting you in any grassroots advocacy efforts. As we get closer to April and plan for Legislative Action Day, it’s important for us to begin building rapport with local legislators. For those that were newly elected or re-elected this year, I will be sending out congratulatory letters. Additionally, ACSA would like us to consider hosting these newly
elected officials at our districts/schools to begin building relationships in advance of the Legislative Action Day in April. I will be reaching out to you individually to support this effort.

This year, ACSA 2023 Legislative Action Day events will be in-person in Sacramento on April 17-18, 2023, and April 19th-21st will be virtual. Participating in this great event provides an opportunity to share experiences running schools and districts as school administrators with the policymakers in Sacramento. As ACSA members, we can answer questions and provide a clear picture of the challenges we experience on the front lines while trying toprovide the best educational experience for our students.

The tentative schedule for the week will be as follows:
Monday, April 17th:
11:00-2:00- Kickoff lunch & programming session
2:30-4:30- Legislative advocacy meetings in capitol offices
4:30-6:oo- Optional reception
6:00 or later- Regional dinner
Tuesday, April 18th:
8:00-10:00- Continental breakfast and programming
10:00- Legislative advocacy meetings in capitol offices

Tuesday, April 19th- April 21st:
Virtual legislative advocacy meetings

The legislators within our Region are as follows:
Assembly District 39: Juan Carrillo (D)
Assembly District 40: Pilar Schiavo (D)
Assembly District 41: Chris Holden (D)
Assembly District 44: Laura Friedmann (D)
Assembly District 48: Blanca Rubio (D)
Assembly District 49: Mike Fong (D)
Assembly District 56: Lisa Calderon (D)
Senate District 21: Scott Wilk (D)
Senate District: 22: Susan Rubio (D)
Senate District: 25: Anthony Portantino (D)
Senate District: 30: Bob Archuleta (D)

If you are interested in participating in Legislative Action Day, please complete the following Google Form by clicking on the link below.

As a reminder, keep in mind that ACSA will pay $300 for a new Legislative Action Day attendee and an additional $300 for a returning member. The funds can contribute to any traveling expenses. Additionally, Region 15 will be hosting dinner on the evening of Monday, April 17th for all members interested in attending. If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
April Leon, Ed. D.