In this section you will find all resources and materials for 2019-20 Charter and Council and Committee Chair Leadership. These materials were covered during the Leadership Training Retreat, June 20-21, 2019, at the Ventura Beach Marriott Resort.

This page contains documents to help you with your charter.

To receive rebate, charters must complete the following and upload to charter web page:
1. Membership List
2. By-Laws
3. Committee/Council member list
4. Action Plan
And the Rebate Form must be signed, completed and given to the magnificent Lorraine King (

The charter page should include name and contact of Charter Officers, logo, and pictures of the charter.


ACSA REGION XV Awards Handbook 19-20

Region Rebate Form

Region Expenditure Request Form

ESS Nomination Form

19-20 ACSA Region XV Oratory Contest Application and Info

Oratory Rubric 2019

Spring Banquet Reservation Form