Region 15 Goals for the 2019-2020 School Year

Grassroots Advocacy and Influence – Amplify the voice of the profession at the local, state and federal levels by fully leveraging the influence of educational leaders.
Each region and charter understands the importance of and is fully engaged in local advocacy efforts. (Milestone S)

Organizational Alignment and Accountability – Tap the full potential of ACSA to effect positive change for the profession and for students through better alignment of roles, goals and resources at all levels of the Association.
Clear roles, expectations, operating guidelines and suggested practices are in place for regions and charters.(Milestone Z)

Member Outreach and Engagement – Provide members with a wide range of meaningful opportunities to contribute their diverse talent, experience and perspective to further the mission, goals and priorities of ACSA.
Organizational barriers to expanded member engagement have been identified and removed. (Milestone EE)