Greetings, Region 15!

Healthy and Happy New School Year to you all!  We are embarking on a time in education filled with unique challenges. So many will look to us for guidance and solutions, which is why I am hoping that you are making time to care for yourselves, and to keep yourself physically and emotionally well.  Although it is our instinct as Administrators to think of our students and communities first, we must make ourselves a top priority, so we can push through and do what we do best: Lead with Heart; Create with Innovation; Inspire with Passion; Focus on the Future with Purpose and Clarity.

Our Region 15 Theme this year is: Be the Bridge. As Administrators, we are many things to many people, and this year, we will need to Be the Bridge leading to Equity, Empathy, Engagement, and Excellence. This would be a challenge in ordinary times, and we are not in ordinary times…

ACSA and Region 15 are here for you! The work ahead of us will be different and occasionally uncomfortable, yet we will experience unique opportunity, hope and promise, and lots of new learning! Our ACSA Academies are great places to find inspiration and skills to help you move through our current challenges and move you forward to preparing for a future position when you are ready.

We still intend to host our events this year as best we can, in a way that respects county and state guidelines during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Two such upcoming events are Every Student Succeeding and our Region 15 Leadership Assembly. Although ESS will look a little different, we will make it special and honorable for the students your charters nominate. Our first Regional meeting will be on Zoom. For those of you who joined us for our Summer Leadership Training, we are ready to make these meetings as informative and engaging as we can. Thank you for your honest feedback, and please keep it coming, so we can improve our service to you!

Until we are able to see each other in person, please know ACSA and Region 15 are here to help Be YOUR Bridge to your Educational Community!

Yours In Service,

Mary Castner