Welcome to Region 15!

We’ve been on a dark and bumpy road for the past two years. I feel incredibly honored and lucky to assume the role of Region 15 President (the most incredible region in the state) after Mary Castner and Robert Allard shepherded us through an unsettling and strange virtual world. 

This is our moment in time to reconnect, to come into the light, and gather again in collegial learning on our leadership journey together.

This year’s theme has two meanings for me that hopefully will resonate with you: 

  1. I love visual and performing arts, which for many students, including myself, often keeps kids connected to school and, in some cases, saves lives.
  2. We must continue seeking and finding the light in which to stand, ground our work, and keep us in a state of joy and flow so we can continue to serve our students, families, and staff.

Join me on this journey! Get involved, connect and reach out. Find a way to step into the light and lead others into bringing some joy back to our work. We are Region 15, and that’s just the way we do things!

Yours in Service,

Benita Scheckel, Ed.D.

President, ACSA Region 15