Women’s Leadership Network

Santa Clara County Women’s Leadership Network      




All women educational leaders will have the opportunity to learn, reflect, and enhance their personal and professional lives through collaboration, mentoring and networking.


To provide professional development and support for Santa Clara County Women Leaders in Education that enhances their leadership, management, and communication.


  • Develop a safe and supportive networking environment for women leaders to share best practices and challenges in education
  • Build participants’ communication skills through dialogue, reflection, and coaching
  • Acknowledge and celebrate women leaders’ contributions to education

Looking for…

  • A safe and supportive environment;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • A place to ask questions, analyze and develop leadership skills;
  • An opportunity to learn from your colleagues;
  • Assistance with setting your career goals;
  • Time to tell your story and reflect on your practice?

Upcoming Events:

Women’s Leadership Network Event: Empowering Our Future

May 30, 2018, 7:30am – 9:00am, Santa Clara County Office of Education
For more details and RSVP information: WLN Breakfast 2018 (11)

Past Events:

Women’s Leadership Network Event: Fulfilling Your Leadership Potential

February 26, 2018, 6pm – 9pm, Silicon Valley Capital Club
For more details and RSVP information:  ACSA Region 8 (2)

The Power of Social Media Flyer

Social Media: Leveling the Playing Field

November 18th, 2015 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
The Power of Social Media Flyer

Recognizing and Managing Conscious and Unconscious Biases

March 2016
More info. will be posted soon

Wine Tasting/Networking

March TBD

For More Information…

Norma Rodriguez
Email: nrodriguez@musd.org

  • Past Presidents

    Honoring those who have led our region, we thank.....

    16-17  Will Ector
    15-16  Lisa Andrew
    14-15  Tanya Krause
    13-14  Collette Zea
    12-13  Erik Burmeister
    11-12  Cheryl Jordan
    10-11  Glen Ishiwata
    09-10  Steve Hope
    08-09  Lisa Gonzales
    07-08  Bitsey Stark
    06-07  Joel Herrera
    05-06  Tony Garcia
    04-05  Mary M. Berkey
    03-04  Laurel Olsen
    02-03  Rhoda Wolfskehl
    01-02  Ana Lomas
    00-01  Jackie Horejs
    99-00  Herb Wadley
    98-99  Henry Castaniada
    97-98  George Manthey
    96-97  Jim McDonald
    95-96  Pat Souza
    94-95  Dennis Burns
    93-94  Charles Gary
    92-93  Lee Cunningham
    91-92  Tim Cuneo
    90-91  George Romero
    89-90  Nancy Montalvo
    88-89  Phil Barone