ACSA’s 13 councils represent the different job-alikes within school administration. These groups provide a broad range of viewpoints regarding public education in California. The job-specific councils, made up of practicing administrators from each ACSA region, bring together the best of two worlds- a united association and a unique representation for specific job types. Council members may be elected or appointed by region presidents. Each will elect its own council president and have a vote on the Legislative Policy Committee. Councils create their own bylaws that will be consistent with ACSA bylaws and ratified by the Board of Directors. The Region 8 2018-2019 members are noted below.  Councils include the following:

  • Adult Education – Elizabeth Ambra
  • Business Services – Chris Jew
  • Career Technical Education – Alyssa Lynch
  • Classified Educational Leaders -Sylvia Alvarez
  • Curriculum, Instruction & Accountability – Cheryl Jordan
  • Educational Options – Jesse Ramos
  • Elementary Education – Kimberley Attell
  • Human Resources – Collette Zea
  • Middle Grades Education – Bhavna Narula
  • Secondary Education – Sharon Ofek
  • Student Services & Special Education – Rose DuMond
  • Superintendents – Carrie Andrews

In addition, ACSA’s committees and special groups are formed to address specific areas of interest to public school administrators or to address specific political issues, focusing their efforts on one identified purpose. Most committees are made up of representatives from each ACSA region and have a vote on the Legislative Policy Committee; others, including special groups, have different criteria for member selection. Committees and special groups include the following:

  • Equity, Achievement & Diversity for Success – Sheila Murphy-Brewer
  • Vice Presidents for Legislative Action – Michael Gallagher
  • Legislative Policy – George Sanchez
  • ACSA/CAPEA – Cliff Tyler
  • Member Services Committee – Jeff Bowman
  • Retirement – Sheila McGann-Tiedt   Retiree Bylaws
  • Small School Districts – Joel Ruiz Herrera
  • Urban Education – Open
  • Awards Committee – Alyssa Lynch & Mala Ahuja
  • New & Young Administrators – Open
  • Women’s Leadership Network – Mary Ann Dewan and Marcela Miranda

For those seeking appointment to a council, committee or special group, contact Region 8’s president.