Leadership Magazine Jan/Feb 2020

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January/February 2020

Language through music
A mixed-methods study addresses outcomes for long-term English language learners who are exposed to music electives with ELD standards.
By Benita Landesman Scheckel

That’s not his name no more
A culturally relevant approach maintains a focus on student learning while creating a space for developing cultural competence alongside critical consciousness and sociopolitical agency.
By Larry Elwell and Cynthia Lopez Elwell

An LGBTQ+ inclusive culture begins in elementary school
While California has some of the most progressive laws designed to provide more inclusive public school environments for LGBTQ+ students, the data suggest that there has not been adequate implementation of enforcement of these policies.
By Michael Tapia

Increase your LGBTQ IQ
What are the strategies that school administrators can utilize to better understand the LGBTQ community and minimize bullying and harassment?
By Rob Darrow

The need for schools to be trauma-responsive
Trauma effects all aspects of child development, including relationships, learning, behavior, emotions, and memory. In schools, there are students battling with the emotional weight of carrying unprocessed traumatic memories.
By Shawn Nealy-Oparah

Equity in action
Understanding the unique needs of all students is imperative to providing a comprehensive, meaningful and equitable educational experience. For California school administrators, this includes the needs of students receiving special education services.
By Katherine Aguirre

How San José plans to close the digital divide
Despite being the second largest city in the Silicon Valley, San Jose has a persistent digital divide that excludes many residents from the opportunities offered by technologies developed in our own backyard.
By Lisa Andrew and Sunne Wright McPeak

Can we really talk?
Society is in a very precarious predicament in the area of race and culture. Currently, we are witnessing an “unprecedented unearthing of America’s oldest and greatest problem.”
By Edwin Javius