2020 ACSA Awards

The 2020 online nomination forms and Every Student Succeeding nomination PDF are now available, and the entry window has officially opened! You can find the ACSA Awards online platform link, helpful documents and demo videos at: www.acsa.org/awards

The platform can also be accessed directly at: http://acsa.awardsplatform.com

If you created a user account last year, you’ll use the same login credentials this year and won’t need to register a new account.

Please use the link above to submit a nomination for our ACSA Region 7 awards. Those winners will be recognized at our annual Spring Conference. The Region 7 Awards Committee will be selecting award winners from all the Administrator of the Year categories, the Robert E. Kelly Award, Valuing Diversity Award and the Partners in Educational Excellence Award.

The Every Student Succeeding Award goes through the Region 7 Charters and a region winner is selected to go on to State ACSA. Do not fill out the Every Student Succeeding Award on the State ACSA webpage. Please go through your charters to select a student.

Members can nominate a person for the Ferd Kiesel Distinguished Service Award and the Marcus Foster Memorial Award. They are selected at the state level. They do not go through the Region 7 Awards Committee and are not recognized at our Spring Conference. Those award winners are recognized at ACSA’s Leadership Summit.

Remember, a member may be selected for a different award category each year, but can only be selected for the same category every five years.

Region 7 also recognizes outstanding Board members and School or County Boards. To nominate a Board Member or Board, use this link: https://goo.gl/fnzBD8yWElVkRFXZq2orms/

NOMINATIONS ARE DUE: January 16, 2020

If you have any questions, please contact our Region 7 Award Managers:
Mary Ann Sandersmasanders2123@gmail.com
(209) 614-7766
Claudia Vicinoclvicino420@gmail.com
(209) 345-5239

Region 7 Awards Archive

Download an archive of Region 7 awards.