1. Region Support for Student Events:

a. Events that are supported are to be County-wide events and each county will be supported for one event per year. Monetary support will be limited to an amount of $250.

b. Events sponsored by other professional organizations – no support as the event does not directly support students.

2. Professional Development: All requests for professional development reimbursement MUST be made in advance of event and MUST be approved by Charter prior to submission to Region.

a. Each member of Region IX may request $300 reimbursement for attendance at an ACSA professional development event. This request can be made annually. Each member of Region IX can request $500 reimbursement for completion of an ACSA Academy. This request can be made every other year. Board will recommend which are to be approved. Only one request for reimbursement may be made annually.

b. Early registration for Leadership Summit will be paid for all Board members requesting. All requests for this must be made prior to the deadline for early registration. Board members may also apply for their annual $300 reimbursement for professional development for the other conference expenses.

c. The Region will pay $500 reimbursement toward Leadership Summit expenses for the following Region IX officers: President, President-elect, Secretary, VP Programs, VP Legislative Action and Public Relations Officer, and Treasurer. This $500 reimbursement is in addition to the Early Registration fee.

d. Charter rebates will be deducted for registration fees if any member from Region IX pre-registers for the Leadership Summit, but does not attend.

3. Legislative Action Day:

a. Region IX will pay expenses for following Regional Officers: VP, Legislative Action, President, President-elect, and Delegates to Delegate Assembly. If any of those are unable to attend, President will select those Board members who will attend with expenses paid. For anyone else attending from charters, Region IX will cover up to $200 with payment being made to Charter, not individual. (Reimbursement form will need to be completed and submitted to Region Treasurer.)

4. Every Student Succeeding:

a. Region IX will pay a $500 scholarship to student nominated to go to the State level. This scholarship will be presented to the student at the Celebration Dinner in February.

b. Region IX will cover up to $500 of travel expenses for student and family to attend the Leadership Summit. The nominating charter will request the reimbursement for the expenses after receiving original receipts for all expenses incurred (the region will not provide money to the student or student’s family directly).

5. Charter Support:

a. Event Charter may request support for activities or events that must be tied to membership recruitment or to one of the main goals of State ACSA. Details of expenses covered by request (up to $1000) will be included in the request. If there are multiple events for which funds will be requested, all must be made at one time with details, in writing, to Region Treasurer through the Charter President.

b. Charter support available to Fresno Consolidated, Fresno County, Mariposa/Madera County and Merced County Charters.

6. Proposed annual budgets and/or final treasurer’s reports are to be submitted to the Region IX Treasurer on or before July 15th of each year.