Message from Region 2 President, Karen Villalobos



Welcome back ACSA colleagues. I hope this finds each of you well and (ideally) rested as we embark on the 2022/2023 school year!

As we return to campus the class of 2036 (UPK students) will come through the doors of our elementary campuses having experienced their most formative years isolated from play dates, preschool, and even grocery store trips! When we think about the socialization for our students I am reminded about how much our youngest students missed. I’m also reminded that the Class of 2023 has become accustomed to canceled events, dances, slumber parties, and school rallies. As a high school senior mentioned to me recently, “I try not to get my hopes up so I won’t be disappointed”. These students need to have their hope restored and we need to be their voice.

This year will be one where we not only need to (re)focus our energy on student learning and social and emotional health, but once again ensuring our campuses are safe (in all aspects) for students and staff.

Honestly, it’s a lot, and a different group of people might run for the closest exit sign. However, that’s not us. ACSA administrators are a tenacious group and we take things head on. We have the power of numbers, the support of our membership, the resiliency of this group of leaders, and the ability to continue to lead in the face of challenges! My friends, we set the tone on our campuses and across our communities every single day.our work demands a lot of us every single day and we must take time for self care in order to be there for our community. This is the message you hear every time when you fly: Secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Whether that be penciling in a walk, meeting a colleague for a cup of coffee, or scheduling yourself out for a few hours to just go home. We need to model self care and this concept is (likely) new for many of you (us).

We have work ahead. It will challenge us as leaders however when challenges arise education leaders rise higher, it’s in our DNA. Here’s to students, staff, and our communities rising up to this challenge ensuring our schools feel supported and our students have their best year yet. And that’s my hope for each of you too!!

Karen Villalobos

Region 2 ACSA President, 2022-2023