Message from Region 2 President, Karen Villalobos



Hello ACSA Colleagues,
Better Together!
When Peter Towne passed the gauntlet in May I wasn’t sure how it had all happened so quickly. I mean, two summers ago I was Legislative Action representative. I thought, I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I have time to ask questions and I’ll learn the ropes… Fast forward three weeks when I was moved into rapid succession: delegate-at-large, then president elect, and then the pandemic hit. Not one “typical” event happened for fifteen months! It’s like the second year teacher becoming the principal. Yup, that just happened.
So the good news is that the Region 2 Executive Board still has a past president (Peter), VPLA Scott (also former Region President) and ACSA Board representative (Dave) that have some historical context, and the amazing Regional Consultant, Judy Bennett. I mean every ACSA region needs a Judy Bennett; she is the glue that keeps it together for Region 2.
Here’s the thing. If you have ever felt a draw to grow; to get more involved in the local and/or regional level at ACSA. If it seems daunting, email me. It’s not. It’s an amazing way to give back to this wonderful organization that does so much for the educational community in California.
I look forward to meeting more of you in the months ahead and challenge those of you at the charter level to bring a new colleague to your welcome back events.
We truly are #bettertogether

Karen Villalobos

Region 2 ACSA President, 2021 – 2022