ACSA Annual Award Program

State, Region and Charter ACSA members may be nominated to be honored for outstanding performance and achievement as Administrators of the Year in various job-alike categories. Awards recognize outstanding performance and achievement by individual administrators, classified managers or confidential employees. Charters begin the process by nominating and recognizing individuals at the charter level. Awardees selected at the Charter level may be forwarded for regional recognition. Region nominees and award winners are recognized at the Annual Region 2 Gala. Selected regional awardees may be forwarded to state ACSA for state recognition.

Region 2 also has its own “Region 2 Sam LaCara Administrator of the Year” award winner which is separate from ACSA. This can be any administrator at any level.

All nominations for ACSA Administrator of the Year Awards and Special Awards will be submitted through the online submission website. Nominators from every region will use a single portal to nominate their colleagues for the following ACSA Awards:

  • Administrators of the Year in 21 job-alike categories
  • Marcus Foster Award for Administrator Excellence (statewide award)
  • Ferd. Kiesel Memorial Distinguished Service Award (statewide award)
  • Partners in Educational Excellence Award
  • Robert E. Kelly Award
  • Valuing Diversity Award

How will nominations work?

Nominators create an account on the state award platform, where they can create new entries, edit existing entries, upload supporting documents and submit their nominations, using either a desktop or mobile devices. There will be no limit to how many entries a nominator can create in each award category, and they can continue to make changes to entries even after submitting the nomination (up until the region deadline). All nomination forms will continue to be aligned with the state bylaws for that award, with only the appropriate fields and instructions appearing for each category.

  • Create an account at Start a nomination (entry). This year we have added the requirement that you address each criteria area with one to three sentences addressing the nominee’s accomplishments in those areas, along with the nominee information, known work experience, and nominator information sections. Adding a support letter is optional. All areas will be available to edit, add to, make changes if your nominee is selected to move to the next level. The more information you can provide will strengthen the nomination at each level, charter, region and state. The more complete the nomination the better. The region award managers and award committee composed of the charter presidents and executive board members will review all nominations reviewed and approved for Region review by the respective charter award committee, and select those to be completed and forwarded for state consideration on December 9.
  • Deadline to submit a nomination for the first committee review for region recognition is November 30, 2022. Note: nominations must be reviewed by each charter’s review committee to be forwarded for Region committee consideration/review.
  • Dave Scroggins and Judy Bennett are the Award Managers for Region 2. They will download and share all preliminary nominations prior to the December meeting and bring them to the meeting for review by the Award Committee comprised of the charter presidents or their designee.
  • Charter presidents and the Region Past President will meet on December 9 to select those to be recognized as the region AOY and recommend nominations to go forward for state consideration. Those suggested for forwarding to the state must complete the total state AOY form
  • January 6 the Award Committee will meet again (if necessary) to finalize the nominations to move forward to the state. Please ensure that your applications are typed and follow the correct instructions regarding limits on the number of pages, etc. It is expected that applications will be high quality, fully completed applications.

Do not put off this important recognition opportunity for our colleagues.

Administrator of the Year Nomination Portal (create an account and enter your nominee information

2023 Award Overview

Everything you need to nominate

Every Student Succeeding Nomination form (see overview for additional information)

2023 Region 2 AOY Nomination form Final fill-in (use for charter and region nominations) as instructed above 2023 Region 2 AOY Nomination form Final fill-in


Link to state ACSA Award website

Resources Now Available

Resources for the 2023 program are now available on the Awards Program website at under the Help & Resources tab, including:

  • Detailed Overview of 2023 program and award categories, and one-sheet flier (attached).
  • “What you need to nominate” checklists/criteria breakdowns for each award category.
  • FAQ (general, supporting documents and eligibility).
  • Tips for successful nominations and pitfalls to avoid.
  • A program timeline explaining each step.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Judy Bennett, Region 2 Consultant
(530) 680-0357 or email

Dave Scroggins