President’s Message

Dear ACSA Colleagues,

Welcome to the Association of California School Administrators Region 9 website.

This site is a tool to help you keep connected with fellow colleagues. Helpful information you will find on our website:
• State ACSA Contact Information
• The Governance Calendar
• Region 9 Meeting Dates and Times<
• Region 9 Board of Directors Contact Information
• Local Charter Contact Information
• Region 9 Bylaws & Fiscal Policy

Other relevant information can also be found at the ACSA website:

The mission of the Association of California School Administrators, the driving force of education in California and beyond, is to ensure the creation of communities of learning and teaching that serve both the aspirations of individual students and the greater good of society, through this unique and indispensable coalition distinguished by:

  • bold and authoritative advocacy;
  • dedication to the highest personal and professional ethics;
  • inspirational networks of discovery and sharing of knowledge;
  • mutual commitment to excellence; and
  • universal accessibility to learning.

We will practice collaborative* decision-making throughout the organization.
Our focus will be public education.
We will offer only those services and products that are unique or extraordinary.
We will expect the best from each individual.
We will not respond to conditions as if they were causes.
*to be defined operationally

Local educational agencies have the resources and the freedom to meet the unique needs of their learning communities.
Every educational community is led by exemplary, inspirational educators who are compelled to create innovative, rich and accessible learning environments.
We are the consummate authority and prevailing influence on education policy.

We believe that:

  • an educated citizenry is essential to democracy
  • dreams inspire potential
  • every person deserves respect
  • personal dignity is a human right
  • we are all responsible for each other
  • diversity strengthens community
  • human virtues demand advocacy
  • every person has a right to unrestricted opportunity
  • each person has unlimited capacity
  • every person thrives to the degree that he or she builds trusting relationships
  • transformative change requires the courage to take risks
  • learning never ends
  • where we come from does not dictate how far we go
  • every individual has the power to effect immeasurable good
  • strong families are vital to society

Thank you to all of the members of Region 9 for your ongoing support and dedication to our field. I hope that each of you will be an “engaged” ACSA member and take advantage of participating in a professional organization that promotes creating powerful networks with colleagues. ACSA offers many opportunities for professional growth, including the Region Assemblies that are part of the new Region 9 meeting structure. It is a pleasure and honor to serve as your Region 9 President.

Avo Atoian
Region 9 President

Executive Director, Career and Alternative Education
Madera County Office of Education

  • Region Presidents

    1971-72 — Floyd Buchanan
    1972-73 — Bill Elam
    1973-74 — Duane Furman
    1974-75 — Ed Deutschman
    1975-76 — Ralph Sherlock
    1976-77 — Bill Booth
    1977-78 — Bob Hill
    1978-79 — Ralph Harding
    1979-80 — Bill DeSimone
    1980-81 — Kathleen Crookham
    1981-82 — Olin Mosher
    1982-83 — Lynn Freeman
    1983-84 — Marvin Golden
    1984-85 — Mike Wagenleitner
    1985-86 — Boyd Cline
    1986-87 — Gary Duke
    1987-88 — George Marsh
    1988-89 — Anita Andresen
    1989-90 — Lloyd Wamhof
    1990-91 — Sylvia Fuller
    1991-92 — Meher Chekerdemian
    1992-93 — E. Beau Carter
    1993-94 — Frank Hernandez
    1994-95 — John Shropshire
    1995-96 — Janis Barr
    1996-97 — Ann Read
    1997-98 — John Pendley
    1998-99 — Sandra Carsten
    1999-00 — Helen Nixon
    2000-01 — Elva Rodriguez
    2001-02 — Bob Allen
    2002-03 — Michele Pecina
    2003-04 — Karen Tozlian
    2004-05 — Gabe Escalera
    2005-06 — Alma Baker
    2006-07 — Rosylin Bessard
    2007-08 — Dianna Young
    2008-09 — Ana Boyenga
    2009-10 — Diane Gischel-Lingo
    2010-11 — Benita Washington
    2011-12 — Debra Odom
    2012-13 — Tammie Calzadillas
    2013-14 — Michael A. Berg
    2014-15 — Wesley Sever
    2015-16 — Avetik (Avo) Atoian
    2016-17 — Robert Frausto