As we look ahead to the coming year, we must look back at the unprecedented challenges and unknown obstacles that we overcame. We, the leaders of ACSA Region 18, along with the support of State ACSA, came together in our respective work environments to advocate for and create access for our students. This was only possible through the dedication and collaboration of our ACSA colleagues. ACSA Region 18 could not be more thankful and proud of our school leaders.

Moving forward, I ask that we continue with the same spirit of working together in addressing the inequities that have existed for so long and have now been exposed. We know that learning will remain a challenge for many of our students – and while we seem to have addressed the notion of access, it is upon us to focus on the quality of instruction, minimize learning loss and ensure that our work as leaders supports the physical and emotional well-being of all students. In ACSA region 18, we must continue to do what we do best – work together for our students! Let’s seize the opportunity we are being provided and make this coming school year an amazing one.

Welcome Back,

Juan Cruz

ACSA Region 18
Heber Elementary School District
Heber CA 92249