Association of California School Administrators

Region 18 Retired Charter – ACSA

Retired Administrators


Confidential Employees

Classified Leaders

2023-2024 ACSA Region 18 Retired Charter Board Members
President Gayle Olson-Binder
VP Programs Barbara Rohrer
VP Membership Gloria McKearney
VP Legislation Sandy Clifton
Secretary Mary Lawlor
Treasurer Mike Brogan
Past President Celia Ramirez

 Committee/Work Area

Ambassador Program Mary Lawlor
Classified Advisor Patricia Burch
Insurance Vacant
Parliamentarian Jane Gawronski
Publications Pat Crowder/Celia Ramirez
State Retirement Sandy Clifton
Table Flowers Linda Sturak

Area Representatives

AASD Vacant
East County Susan Van Zant
North County Vacant
North County-Inland Gayle Olson-Binder
SDUSD Linda Sturak
SDCOE Jack Tierney
South County Jerry Rindone
ACSA Region 18 Staff
Tom Teagle Executive Director/Consultant,
Cindy Allen Administrative Assistant,
P.O. Box 12436, El Cajon CA 92022

The charter shall group its activities around the following three purposes:

To promote and support public education; specifically, to,

  1. Encourage members to participate in programs and services to schools and students.
  2. Support the Association of California School Administrators and ACSA Region 18 in their work, services and programs.

To provide services to individual members; specifically, to

  1. Work toward maintaining and improving educator retirement benefits.
  2. Work toward improving health insurance benefits.
  3. Provide resources to aid individual members in financial and estate planning.
  4. Facilitate social contacts among members.
  5. Aid members in managing issues related to aging.
  6. Provide an interactive communications system.

To provide services to Region 18 and to ACSA as a whole; specifically, to:

  1. Monitor and report to members on legislation and promote political action.
  2. Report on actions taken by CALSTRS and CALPERS and monitor investments and money management.
  3. Encourage and provide membership on Region 18 committees.
  4. Encourage attendance at Region 18 and State ACSA events.


ACSAR 18 Past President’s

1988-1989  Dave Pascoe
1989-1990  Frances Venn
1990-1991  Gene Brucker
1991-1992 Elmer Cameron
1992-1993 Wanda Walker
1993-1994 Harvey Prokop
1994-1995 Lottie Hess
1995-1996 Punky Fristrom
1996-1997 Gene Bell
1997-1999 Dwight Coblentz
1999-2001 Wanda Walker
2001-2002 Margaret Dreher
2002-2005 Charles Ballinger
2005-2007 Jane Gawronski
2007-2010 Peter Schroeder
2010-2014 John Bley
2014-2018 Mary Lawlor
2018-2020 Bob Raines
2020-2022 Celia Ramirez