Santa Barbara High Seniors Choose Transgender Prom Queen

Gender Spectrum Symposium – EdCal 5/30/16 (see page 5)

San Bernardino Grand Jury Says Schools Should Have Unisex Bathrooms

If Not You, Then Who?
Article by Dr. Julie A. Vitale, Superintendent of Romoland Elementary School District.   Published in the ACSA Leadership magazine, Sept.-Oct. 23015 issue, pages 22-25

Gender Neutral Restroom Opens at Dos Pueblos High

Lesbians, gays to be history class topics

Reframing history: Lessons dip deeper into the well

Federal Government Issues Guidance to Ensure the Civil Rights of Transgender Students

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LGBT Students Not Safe At School – The Atlantic, 10/18/16

Illinois Transgender High Schooler Wins Round in Closely Watched Bathroom Case – Washington Post, 10/19/16

Single-user Restrooms Must Be Designated Gender Neutral as of March 1, 2017

Education Secretary Betsy Devos Refuses to Block Discrimination of LGBTQ Students for Schools that Receive Federal Funds  – (May 24, 2017 testimony before Education Committee)
Scroll down the list to 1:19:50, and watch as Rep. Katherine Clark D-Massachusetts, asks if Devos would block federal funds from going to schools that discriminate against LGBT students.  Under the video is a minute by minute transcript of the discussion.  Scroll down to 1:19:50 and listen to the discussion.