LGBTQ Leaders Networking Event Held in Ventura

On May 2, 2016 the ACSA Equity LGBTQ Leaders’ Networking Event took place at the Ventura Beach Marriott in Ventura, CA.  With roughly 40 administrators in attendance, 8 school districts represented, superintendents from Ventura to Riverside, and both Certificated and Classified staff, ACSA members who identify as LGBTQ and those who identify as allies, came together for an evening of support, inspiration, listening, collaboration and goal-setting.  Howard J. Fulfrost of Fagen, Friedman, and Fulfrost LLP and the event sponsor, welcomed all in attendance and expressed his organization’s commitment to supporting equity and diversity in our public schools.  Dr. Trudy T. Arriaga, CLU Distinguished Educator in Residence and Corwin Author/Consultant provided an insightful keynote that served to remind the audience of the importance of providing opportunity to all staff and students and to stand for what’s right, even if it means singing “acapella”.  Her words provided the impetus for attendees to describe the challenges that LGBTQ students and staff face as “invisible” through the lens of equity and diversity.  While there were many rich comments, conversations, and stories from many in attendance, some of the important agreed upon goals developed at the meeting include:

  • Provide an on-going networking system for ACSA LGBTQ and allies via the internet/ACSA website/links (NOTE: a new LGBTQ Administrators Network will be housed on the Region 13 website )
  • Provide more opportunity for identifying LGBTQ ACSA members and students through better data-collecting resources
  • Provide more visibility of LGBTQ issues in ACSA publications such as EDCAL and Leadership, particularly when discussing equity and diversity
  • Include professional development opportunities related to LGBTQ at more ACSA trainings, workshops, and conferences
  • Continue to provide networking opportunities for LGBTQ and allies as was done for this event

The May 2 ACSA LGBTQ Leaders’ Network Event planners, ACSA Emeritus members, Steve Bailey and Michael Tapia, along with Region 13 Consultant, Dr. Rich Malfatti wish to thank Nicole Anderson, ACSA’s first Diversity and Equal Access Executive and Margarita Cuizon, ACSA Membership Director for their consistent and enthusiastic support of equity and diversity for all!


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