ACSA Bylaws and Board-approved Policies & Procedures call for every Region to formulate a plan outlining the group’s purpose, goals, events/activities, and evaluation methods at beginning of the year for Board consideration. With the adoption of ACSA’s new Strategic Plan, Region leaders are asked to assure that their group’s work aligns with goals articulated in the plan to maximize our collective efforts.


Today’s Date Region Number Person Submitting Plan
August 17, 2019 14 Sandy Skora
1. The Region’s current Purpose/Mission Statement is:
ACSA Region 14 exists to support all students in our region through the promotion of Equity for All, Leadership Development, and Advocacy for Education.
2. Please explain any changes to the Region’s prior year Purpose/Mission statement.
ACSA Region 14 updated our purpose/mission statement to better align with the State ACSA Mission.
3. If the Region’s Purpose/Mission Statement does not address this, please explain how members are served.
4. The Region’s Goals/Objectives for 2019-2020 are as follows:
●      Implement communication process for Region 14 that includes information from Region 14 Charters and State ACSA.

●      Promote Educational Advocacy through connection with State Legislators.

●      Promote Equity for All through educational training.

●      Expand member recognition to include milestones (i.e. new position, academy completion, doctorate).

●      Survey members and charters on barriers to ACSA membership and ideas for member support at the region level.

●      Recognize students from every charter in the region for Every Student Succeeding.

●      Recognized administrators from every charter in the region for Administrator Awards.

5. The Region is planning the following specific events, activities, and meetings for 2019-2020:
●      Monthly Executive Board Meetings

●      Weekly Social Media Posts and Quarterly Newsletters for members

●      Leadership Assembly focused on connection with a State Legislator and membership

●      Women’s Leadership Breakfast

●      Leadership Assembly focused on Equity Training and membership

●      Every Student Succeeding Awards Event

●      Administrator of the Year Awards Event

6. Please indicate WHICH First or Second-Year Focus Strategic Plan Milestones will be supported by the Region’s goals/objectives and/or planned events, activities and meetings. In addition, please describe HOW the Region’s activities will support these Milestones, how the Region plans to coordinate its efforts with its Charters, and how Charters will support these goals.

NOTE: The Strategic Plan provides detailed descriptions of each Strategic Issue and Milestone.

Leadership Development

❑ Milestone C

We will be providing an Equity Conference for the second year to continue to support the work of our charters as they lead in the area of Equity for All.  Our charters were encouraged to bring teams to participate in the conference and the goal this year is to focus on how to support one another as we do this challenging work.

Professional Development – Content


Professional Development – Delivery/Reinforcement

❑ Milestone J

We will be working with our charters to recognize the work they are doing within Region 14 via our social media platforms.  Our charters will have access to our new social media coordinator so that we can help them promote their events and celebrate what is happening in Region 14.

Professional Practice Resources

❑ Milestone K

We will be working with our new social media coordinator to promote the ACSA Resource Hub and other State and Region 14 ACSA events for all of our charters.

Member Networking and Collaboration

❑ Milestone M

We will continue to provide support for our charters to host networking events to build support between colleagues and to encourage charter members to join ACSA.  In addition, we will provide a Women’s Leadership Breakfast event to develop networking connections for leaders.

District/County/School Site Support Services


ACSA in a Leadership Role


Grassroots Advocacy and Influence

❑ Milestone S

We will continue to participate in Leg Action Day.  We will expand on our work from last year by continuing to include each charter president in Leg Action Day.

❑ Milestone U

We will create opportunities for local charters to engage with legislators during our Fall Leadership Assembly.  In addition, charters will be asked to create a goal in their charter plan for the year around building connections with their local legislators.

Media Relations


Organizational Alignment and Accountability

❑ Milestone Z

We will review roles, expectations, and practices with the Region 14 Executive Board Members and make sure that all Community and Council Members understand the expectations for attending state meetings and communicating back with Region 14.

Member Outreach and Engagement

❑ Milestone EE

We will survey charter presidents and Region 14 ACSA members about how we can better support their charters and how we can get more charter members to join ACSA.

Member Communication

❑ Milestone HH

We are implementing a Social Media Communication position for Region 14 this year looking to improve communication with Region 14 ACSA Members and our charters.



7. What methods will you use to evaluate the Region’s success toward accomplishing goals/ objectives and supporting the Strategic Plan Milestones?
We will evaluate our goals through increases in participation in Regions 14 Events and through surveying participants at each event for better ways to meet the needs of Region 14 members.  In addition, we will continue to survey charter presidents and Region 14 members for better ways to serve them.