AXA is the second largest financial services firm in the entire world and is currently ranked number 25 on the Fortune Global 500. AXA was established in 1859 and specializes in helping members of CALPERS and CALSTRS gain a better understanding of their benefits and help people maximize their future assets through education and planning. AXA has helped millions of educators nationally with their financial plans, which include: Retirement Planning, College Saving plans, and Life Insurance needs.
AXA believes in education above all else. Their mission is to provide financial literacy to the world and through FINRA registered representatives every day and every client is one step closer to realizing that goal. Clients can be assured each and every advisor has been through a vigorous federal background check as to be an Advisor with AXA you must register with FINRA and pass various exams before being allowed to speak to the public.
AXA has been a valuable partner of ACSA for many years now and annually sponsors our Every Student Succeeding Luncheon which honors students who have overcome great odds and are successful.”