What are you a champion for? Some of us are champions for equity and inclusion. Others, for digital access or social-emotional learning. But we are all champions for students. This year, ACSA invites you to the 2020 Leadership Summit — an opportunity for you to solidify your purpose during the biggest challenge to learning we have faced in our lives.

Out of concern for members’ safety, this event has been reimagined as an online virtual event. Guided by the theme “ACSA Leaders: Champions for Every Child,” attendees will enjoy dozens of pre-recorded and live sessions on topics relevant to school leaders. Throughout this weeklong event, Nov. 2-6, 2020, education leaders will have a space for vital conversations around leadership, equity, mental health, distance learning and technology. Networking is a cornerstone of this annual event and attendees will be able to partake in interactive and engaging experiences through a new dynamic virtual conference platform.  

Attendees will be inspired by this year’s keynotes: author and child safety advocate Elizabeth Smart, who survived a child abduction in 2002; Donna Porter and DJ Batiste, a teacher and her former student whose life was transformed by the positive attention she gave him; and Hamish Brewer, the tattooed, skateboarding principal from Virginia who is disrupting educational norms.  

Please join us this year and share this opportunity with your colleagues from across the country. Find more information and register online at our event website. You can also help generate anticipation for this event by sharing your “Champion selfie.” Just print out this sign, fill it out with what you are a champion for, snap a selfie, and share on your social media feeds with the #ACSAsummit and tag @acsa_info.  

Thank you for your support of what will be a memorable and inspiring ACSA conference.

More information about the Leadership Summit can be found here.

2019 ACSA State Leadership Summit

November 7-9, 2019

Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Region 14 Representatives
Having fun!
New ACSA Members
Region 14’s Every Student Succeeding Richard Montes with his mom
Richard Montes, with Linda Kaminsky, ACSA State President, and Wes Smith, Executive Director
Region 14’s Torrance Education Foundation received the Partners in Excellence Award