ACSA Region 14 strongly believes in celebrating our members throughout their career.  We would like to specifically honor those who are gaining new competencies and reaching new professional development milestones.  This could include the completion of academies, earning a doctorate, as well as district and school awards.  These two forms will help communicate this information to our executive board.  We plan on placing this great news on our website and State ACSA website.  We hope you will join us in celebrating all our colleagues!

ACSA Region 14 Members’ Accomplishments

ACSA Testimonials


Congratulations to these amazing ACSA Region 14 Members on their accomplishments!

Dustin Seeman, Westside

Dustin was elected to the board of directors for the California Association of School Counselors (CASC) for the period of July 2020 through June 2024.

Katherine Castleberry, ATSA

Katherine was selected on February 27, 2020 as the newest board member for California Associated for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).

Dr. RoseEllen Shea, ABC Unified

RoseEllen earned her Doctorate of Education on January 21, 2019 from Brandman University.