Retired Educational Managers Holds “Virtual” End of Year Event on June 18, 2020

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In normal times, the Retired Educational Managers (REM) charter holds an end of year luncheon in the Palm Springs area the day prior to the Joint Regions 12 & XIX Leadership Conference. Both the REM “luncheon” and the Leadership Conference were held virtually via Zoom this year due to Covid-19 issues.

Our guest speaker was Derick Lennox, State ACSA’s Legislative Advocate, whose presentation was titled “Governmental Relations Update on State Budget & Pension System Health.” Pensions are always a top issue with retirees, and eventually the rest of you will eventually become more interested as well!  End of year business was conducted virtually also, with incoming Region 12 President Craig Baker conducting the installation of new officers for the 2020-21 year. 

REMers look forward to Covid-19 dissipating by the time we are ready to plan next June’s luncheon!

Guest speaker Derick Lennox, State ACSA Legislative Advocate


Screenshot of Zoom meeting depicting just some of the online attendees.
Incoming Region 12 President Craig Baker conducted the REM charter installation of officers at the end of year “luncheon.”