Executive Board Meeting

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Exec. Board Meeting 4:00p-5:30p
Leadership Forum 5:30p-7:00p
Note: Dinner will be served at 5:30p, hosted by Region 8 (no host bar)


Equity, A Call to Action
Please Register with this link:  http://goo.gl/1bmjUZ
Welcome- 4:00p-4:05p
Group Warm- Up 4:05p-4:15p
Region 8 Business- 4:15p-4:45p
  • Presidents Report-Adora Fisher
  • State Rep. Report-Eric Andrew
  • Executive Director Report-Pat Einfalt
  • Legislative Action Report-Anisha Munshi
  • Membership Social Report-Jeff Bowman
  • Program Committee Report Sheila Walters
  • Charter Presidents Reports
  • Awards Information-Joann Vaars
  • Book Club Information-George Manthey
Recognition of Virginia Fahimi and her contributions to Region 8 4:45p-5:00p
Working Sessions-5:00p-5:30p (Charter Presidents work on by-laws with Pat, Council Reps. meet and discuss council roles and responsibilities, Program Committee meets, remainder works on development of process to meet this years goals.)
Leadership Forum-6:00p-6:55p Equity, A Call to Action, Facilitator: Enid Lee, International Equity Consultant
Closure 6:55p-7:00p
2016-2017 Goals for Region 8
1. Increase and build the diverse leadership and membership capacity of Region 8.
2. Align all Charter by-laws with State ACSA by laws.
3. Continue building on Region 8 “Equity Conversation” with an “Equity, Call to Action”, through Leadership Forum, region plans and Charter activities.
Please Note: 
Executive Board Members and Members At Large: We need your attendance at each meeting. If your name appears on the agenda, please be prepared to report out on any activities and contribute to all discussions.
Charter Presidents: Charter Presidents are expected to attend and report out on activities at Board meetings. In addition, Charters will work with Pat Einfalt to rewrite their by-laws. Each Charter will receive half of their funding upon their completion and submission of their Activity Plan and the remainder of their funding upon completion of the rewrite of their Charter by-laws. Charter Presidents will also be required to submit an article on Charter Activities and events to the Region 8 OCHO.
Council Reps.: Council Reps. are expected to attend Board meetings throughout the year to report out on activities that are taking place at State ACSA in regards to the Councils they represent. Council Reps. will also be required to submit an article on State Council activity to the Region 8 OCHO.
Program Committee Members: Program Committee members are expected to participate in program committee working sessions, planning activities and reporting out during Board meetings on the coordination and results of planned activities. The program committee will be required to submit an article reporting on recent and upcoming Region 8 activities and events.
Face Book: Please remember that our Region VIII FB page is up and live and ready for you to post. You may post Charter events, Council information, book club information and general information as it pertains to Region 8 Administrators, including articles, web sites, books, and events.