Post Pandemic: Moving Forward in Curriculum | What to Cut, Keep or Create

San Joaquin Chapter Presents:

Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Post Pandemic: Moving Forward in Curriculum | What to Cut, Keep or Create

Thursday, March 25 @4:00PM Via Zoom

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As we return to a new school year, how might we think differently about what students need? Will “learning loss” drive us to place our students on the same old treadmill, adjusted for their starting points and speeds? Or can we be more deliberate in planning a streamlined curriculum that encourages students to dive deep into the things that are most important? What do we cut? Keep? Create? There are also real “learning gains” that have emerged with some of our learners thriving independently and all of our teachers garnering digital design skills and outreach. Our ongoing communication with parents has had a profound increase. How do we capitalize on those gains?

In this interactive session, Dr. Jacobs will provide guidance and strategies for our schools to consider as we make choices in two areas:

Participants will leave with resources, templates, and tools to assist in making strategic plans to best respond to our learners and move forward to fresh possibilities as we look ahead to post-pandemic school life.