San Joaquin County Charter presents Administrator Rights, a Zoom Meeting

Hosted by: ACSA Member Assistance and Legal Support Team Advocates John Almond and Lloyd Wamhof

June 11 at 1:00 p.m.

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This interactive session will focus on the rights of California School Administrators. The ACSA Member Assistance & Legal Support Team assisted 802 members during this past year. Of this number, 152 members asked for assistance in dealing with March 15 Notices (Demotion/Reassignment/Termination) and/or a Non-Reelect notice; 20 members with Superintendent in their title asked about issues related to receiving a notice under Ed Code 35031; 39 members needed assistance with Settlement Agreements; 73 administrators requested assistance with being placed on Administrative Leave due to a complaint filed against them; 23 members needed help with a complaint filed against them with CTC; 26 called about a staff member filing a complaint against them and 21 called about discord with their supervisor.

Member Assistance & Legal Support Team Advocates JOHN ALMOND and LLOYD WAMHOF will address these and other issues and discuss your rights as an administrator. They will also address your questions and provide you with the Legal Procedures that must be followed in dealing with the Demotion, Reassignment or Termination of any public school administrator.

Finally, now that we’re dealing with Covid19 and potential school district budget cuts, we will address what you need to know about possible August layoffs under Education Code 44955.5 & 44956.5.

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