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New Message from Region 5 President

January 21, 2014  |   Comments Off on New Message from Region 5 President

Region 5’s new president, Jay Spaulding, Director of Educational Services in South San Francisco Unified School District, discusses the region’s goals for 2014-15, three upcoming major changes in public education and the leadership in our charters.

Read the full message here.

Women in Leadership Encourage, Inspire

January 30, 2013  |   Comments Off on Women in Leadership Encourage, Inspire

On Monday, November 26, 2012, Region 5 held their Women’s Leadership Network event. Approximately 40 members attended this highly successful evening. Great round of applause for the organizer of the event, Past-president Caroline Satoda. She did a fabulous job, together with the speaker panelists, facilitators, and MCs. Andy Parson organized the questions for the panelists, communicated with the panelists, and was co-Master of Ceremonies the event. Linda Wells was co-Master of Ceremonies as well and kept the panel members focused on answering the questions, assisted in creating the Wordle which can be found here, and handled all technical difficulties encountered. Diane Yee did a fun ice-breaking activity which allowed the members to socialize openly and freely.

Our Women’s Panel was powerful and dynamic, consisting of the following members:
Dr. Carolyn McKennan – Retired Superintendent, Morgan Hill USD
Dr. Elizabeth Blanco – Assistant Superintendent, SFUSD
Dee Dee Desmond – Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent’s Bayview Zone, SFUSD
Dr. Wendy Tukloff – Superintendent, Pacifica USD
Dr. Shawnterra Moore – Assistant Superintendent, South San Francisco USD
Dr. Alice Petrossian – Past President, ACSA

Special thanks to each and every one of them for sharing their personal and professional experiences, challenges, and words of wisdom about career opportunities, mentoring, balancing life, and the importance of  being supportive of each other. Their words were very motivational, inspirational, critical and important. We hope all attendees continue to  attend Region 5 events, get involved, and stay connected with us!

Teshara named Administrator of the Year

December 6, 2012  |   Comments Off on Teshara named Administrator of the Year

Adult Education Administrator of the Year: Growing a learning community
reprinted from the August 20, 2012 edition of EdCal

The ultimate goal of anyone working in education is to prepare students for the future. This is true both for those who work with children and those who work with adults in the nearly 500 adult schools across the state.

Teshara with ACSA Board Officers at the Awards Ceremony on Nov. 9. Left to right: Lisa Gonzales, VP Legislative Action; Randall Delling, Vice President; Teshara; David Gomez, President; Mark Ecker, President-Elect,; Alice Petrossian, Immediate Past President.

One ACSA leader who is dedicated to preparing adults for their futures is Larry Teshara, director/principal of the San Mateo Adult School. For his efforts, he has been named ACSA’s 2012 Adult Education Administrator of the Year.

Teshara, who has spent the last 15 years in adult education, is known as a student-oriented educator with the ability to develop a strong community of learners among students, teachers and staff. In fact, he said it is the school community that has led to success in his own career.

“I receive this award on behalf of a great faculty and staff of 125 dedicated professionals,” he said. “Any time you are recognized by your peers it is a great honor. The opportunity to network with California’s leading educational leaders has been most fulfilling.”

San Mateo County is one of the most diverse in the state; in fact, K-12 schools no longer have a majority ethnic population. As a result, the adult school’s largest program, English as a Second Language, served more than 5,000 students last year. Students come from more than 90 countries, speaking more than 60 native languages.

“Our school has grown and prospered and is viewed as one of the state’s leading adult schools,” Teshara said. “Our school is where these students find the way to better themselves and become productive parents, workers and citizens.”

Teshara said a recent visitor wrote the following about San Mateo Adult School, which he calls a “beautiful tribute” that makes his staff very proud: “This is where the rubber meets the road; where students from all walks of life get the affordable help they so desperately need to support their families and the community. The caring America these students are experiencing locally is the America they share with others globally. It is not an overstatement whatsoever to say that this school promotes both world peace and local stability.”

Teshara accepting his award from Board President David Gomez.

Teshara said one of the highlights of the job is the ability to interact with students and staff.

“It is great to come to work in such a positive high energy environment, where students are eager to learn and staff is passionate about their mission,” he said.

The greatest challenge Teshara faces is the lack of a dedicated funding stream for adult education. As adult education budgets are reduced or eliminated, many schools have been closed statewide, and those that remain open are forced to do more with less.

“Finances are our number one challenge,” Teshara said. “There is no shortage of eager learners, dedicated staff or local support. State resources to support our effort is the challenge. Given the crucial nature of our mission, lack of support for adult education portends a bleak economic future for many, if not all of us. I appreciate ACSA’s continued support of adult educators.”

Teshara said he learned the value of public service from his parents, who came from different immigrant backgrounds, neither with a high school education. His father was a natural with young people and was active in Scouting and youth sports. He was a milk deliveryman and after completing his route began working with the community.

“Only when I came to the adult school did I really connect with my own roots,” said Teshara, who himself is involved with the Boy Scouts of America. “Service to others was modeled daily, and I always thought being a teacher would be a great way to serve others and stay young too!”

Teshara knew from an early age he would enter the field of education.

“I knew I loved working with young people and that would be my career,” he said. “Adult education was not on my early radar but easily became something I am very passionate about. I feel my career has been guided and, second only to family, is my greatest blessing.”

Teshara began his career as a teacher/counselor in San Bruno ESD in the late 1960s, moving onto the San Mateo Union HSD in 1972. There, he served as teacher/counselor, assistant principal and principal before taking his current position in 1997.

He also gives back to his profession by serving as adult education representative on the San Mateo County Workforce Investment Board and board member for the California State Consortium for Adult Education.

“After 10 years as a teacher and counselor, I realized I could increase my sphere of influence through school leadership,” he said. “I was mentored by several colleagues and began as a high school assistant principal, joining ACSA shortly thereafter.”

Teshara said ACSA has been a crucial career partner over the years. He has served in several leadership roles in ACSA at both the region and state level, including serving on the state Board of Directors from 2006 to 2011, president of Region 5 and his current position, Region 5 vice president for legislative action.

“ACSA has been a very important part of my professional career and provided numerous growth opportunities through leadership, professional development and networking,” he said. “My five years on the ACSA state Board of Directors was a major highlight of my professional career.”

Teshara will be formally honored, together with all Administrators of the Year, during ACSA’s Leadership Summit, Nov. 8-10 in San Diego. To register, visit Access photos of the award recipient at

Application for Region Council/Committee Representative or Charter Officer Position

November 26, 2012  |   Comments Off on Application for Region Council/Committee Representative or Charter Officer Position

Download application form

Vacant Charter Officer Positions

(as of December 3, 2012)

San Francisco Charter Officers:

  • President Elect
  • VP Membership
  • VP Programs/Awards
  • VP Legislative Action

San Mateo Charter Officers:

  • VP Membership
  • VP Programs/Awards
  • VP Legislative Action

Vacant State Council and Committee Representatives

(as of December 3, 2012)

  • Classified Educational Leader
  • Legislative Policy
  • Technology Leadership Group

For more information, contact Region 5 Region Consultant George Robinson at

Download application form

Available Now on My ACSA

October 29, 2012  |   Comments Off on Available Now on My ACSA

If you haven’t logged in lately to view the latest content currently available on My ACSA, you might want to check it out. While ACSA continues to develop and expand the members-only content on the ACSA website, there are some great online resources available to you today, including:

  • Current electronic issues of EdCal and Leadership Magazine, which can be downloaded to your desktop for your convenience as soon as they are published
  • ACSA’s current Leadership Directory
  • Articles and resources

To log in for the first time, use your email address and the membership number printed on your ACSA Membership Card. If you don’t have this number handy or have any problems logging in, just give the Member Services department a call at 800-608-ACSA and they can assist you.

A Personal Request: Participate in ACSA’s Strategic Planning Survey

August 28, 2012  |   Comments Off on A Personal Request: Participate in ACSA’s Strategic Planning Survey

Dear R5 Board Member, and other good friends of R5,

Our member organization is in the process of affirming the high functioning services of ACSA  and identifying areas of ACSA for improvement. I want all of Region 5 to be part of this survey and planning process. To this end, please join me and the rest of your region board in completing this member survey. Your R5 Board is committed to a distinguished  presence in ACSA; please be with us in this. We need your help to ensure broad participation in ACSA’s newly launched interactive member survey.

The link to the member survey is, ‘takes about 10 minutes to complete, well worth the chance to give thought to the design of our professional organization.

I would be delighted to report back to you that ACSA was stunned with the record number of R5 folks who responded.

Be counted! Talk it up with colleagues, as in, at the dinner party,  “By the way, Duchess, have you had an opportunity yet to respond to the  new ACSA survey?”

Thank you for being a member and for your support.


Cynthia Rapaido
R5 President, 2012-2013

State ACSA is embarking on a yearlong Strategic Planning process, and we want to know your thoughts about our programs and services.

We encourage you to participate in a survey about how ACSA can best serve you, found at Your opinion matters to us. Your responses will be kept confidential.

Please be sure to complete the member survey by Sept. 12. Results will be disaggregated to give ACSA and our Strategic Planning Team a good look at ways our members want to improve the association. The researcher will destroy the link between individual email addresses and individual responses to ensure confidentiality.

We will be reaching out to you again soon with even more opportunities for involvement. Completing the member survey is an important first step in our improvement process. Please contact Julie White at if you have any questions.

2012-13 ACSA Leadership Directory now available!

July 19, 2012  |   Comments Off on 2012-13 ACSA Leadership Directory now available!

The 2012-13 Leadership Directory and guide to benefits is now available on the ACSA website.

This comprehensive online booklet includes current contact information for all ACSA leadership with live email links, important member benefit information and announcements for upcoming events.

Find it by going to (member log-in required) and clicking on the 2012-13 Leadership Directory link.


July 17, 2012  |   Comments Off on ABC’s of ACSA

Led by V.P. Membership Services, Cynthia Rapaido, participants at the Region 5 Octoberfest at the Grosvenor on October 24, 2011 offered this list of words associated with the theme of  “What ACSA Means to Me.”

“The ABC’s of ACSA:  What does ACSA mean to Region 5?”

A: all together
B: brings out the best
C: collaboration
D: determination
E: energy
F: fantastic!
G: generations
H: helpful
I: innovative
J: jobs
K: knowledge
L: law suits
M: mentoring
N: networking
O: opportunities
P: professional
Q: quality
R: risk takers
S: service
T: team work
U: unity
V: volunteers
W: wisdom
X: anti-Xenophobic
Y: youthful
Z: zealous

A fun exercise, with prizes for the participants distributed with the help of VP Legislative Action Larry Teshara. Larry completed all 26 out of 26 passes to cap a successful evening.

Region 5 Planning and Training Meeting

June 4, 2012  |   Comments Off on Region 5 Planning and Training Meeting

Dear R5 Board Member and other Friends of R5:

These are exciting times for education in California, for ACSA, and for Region 5. The excitement is accompanied by some anxiety and apprehension. Caroline and I need your participation in our planning and training meeting. Please block out June 6 from 4:30 to 7 P.M. at the Burlingame ACSA office, and do your best to protect the time. Food and beverage will be provided. This meeting is for all region officers, charter presidents, representatives to state committees and councils, and friends who have expressed an interest in becoming involved, incoming and outgoing. Join us as we toast the waning year and prepare to make the coming year the best possible.

We all need to have information in common about the workings of ACSA, our region, and charters. We need your thoughts and skills. Please confirm attendance by replying to George. Please let us know yes or no, so we can plan accordingly and keep you informed, either way.

Thank you,

Cynthia Rapaido
President 2012-2013

Region 5 February Board Meeting Agenda

February 27, 2012  |   Comments Off on Region 5 February Board Meeting Agenda

Association of California School Administrators, Region 5

Board Meeting Agenda**

February 27, 2012, 5 P.M.  Light snacks/beverages available
Burlingame ACSA Office, 1575 Bayshore Blvd.

Download agenda as a PDF

1     Welcome/ Introductions                                                                                     President Caroline Satoda

          a. Delegate Assembly                                                                               Caroline, Larry, Cynthia, Joan     

          b. Board Roster              
                  Directory information, 2011-2012
                  Officers/Representatives 2012-2013

           c. R5 Calendar Highlights               
                  3/02/12      Every Child Succeeding nominations to Jim Dierke or George                    
                  3/12/12      M A R C H   M A D N E S S
                  3/16/12      Every Child Succeeding nominations to state ACSA
                  3/19/12      Region Board Meeting
                  3/26/12      Webinar: Stress Mgt . Down to the Wire, 4:30 – 6 P.M.
                  4/16/12      Legislative Action Day Sacramento
                  4/30/12*    R5 Leadership Awards Dinner Meeting 
                                    *(Change to 4/23)

2      Member Services                                                                           V.P. Member Services, Rona Jawetz
            Membership Numbers  (Numbers count!)                                                  Cynthia Rapaido, Carolyn McKennan
            Membership Services Re-Alignment                                                 Carolyn McKennan
            March Madness Event, 3/12                                                        Rona Jawetz, Cynthia Rapaido                                                                                                                                                                                          

3      R5 Charter Organization                                                    Past President and VP Leg. Action, Larry Teshara

4      Legislative Action Council                                                                 V.P. Legislative Action, Larry Teshara     
         Legislative Action Day, 4/16

5      R5 ACSA State Board Comments                                                          R5 State Board Member Joan Rosas     

6      Awards Committee                                                                            James Dierke, Past R5 President, Chair
            Administrators of the Year for 2012
            Every Student Succeeding nominations deadline to James or George: March 2, 2012, to state ACSA 3/16.

7      ACSA Committee/Council Issues, Comments on Recent Meetings                                                  Caroline

8      Region Financial Status                                                                                                                 Joan Rosas

9      Other Items                                                                                                                                       Caroline
        Restructuring R5 charter organization as introduced by Larry*                                                           George     

10    Adjournment                                                                                                                                     Caroline

** Posted on R5 website